Shearling Coats.

Oh la la. Me like.

The Price of Beauty.

I've always enjoyed Jessica Simpson's music and look. Sure she may have not been as successful as Christina or Britney but I like her, she seems like someone who would be kind to have tea with. Anyways, she's been absent from the public eye for sometime now but she's making a come back with a new show that involves her traveling the world and finding out what "beauty" means to different countries & people. Reminds me a bit of Tyra Banks, I think I'll be tuning in to watch, will you?

Wanted Sweater.

You can never go wrong with Chuck Converse, jeans and a nice sweater.

Now someone, PLEASE tell me where I can get this!

Street Style: Japan

LA doesn't have much of a reputation for being a city known for it's street style. I think anywhere outside of LA is where the street stylers are. New York, London, and my most recent discovery.. . JAPAN! I've always loved what the so called 'fobs' back in high school wore even though everyone thought they were weird. I give the girls a large amout of credit not only for coming to the US and learning English but surviving 8 hours of walking around campus in those heels!

Here are two of the Japanese Street Style websites I found that I'd like to share with you :)

www.japanesestreets.com & www.style-area.jp

this type love.

i want this kind of love.

I want a love like
Me thinking of you
Thinking of me thinking of you type love
Or me telling my friends more than I’ve ever admitted to myself
About how I feel about you type love
Or hating how jealous you are
But loving how much you want me all to yourself type love
Or see how your first name just sound so good next to my last name
And shit I wanted to see how far I could get without calling you
And I barely made it out of my garage

See, I want a love that makes me wait until she falls asleep
And wonder if she’s dreaming about us being in love type love
Or who loves the other more
Or what she’s doing this exact moment
Or slow dancing in the middle of our apartment to the music of our hearts
Closing my eyes and imagining how a love so good
Could hurt so much when she’s not there
And shit I love not knowing where this love is headed type love
And check this, I want to place those little post-it notes
All around the how she she never forgets how much I love her type love
And not have enough ink in my pen to write all there is to love about her type love
And hope I make her feel as good as she makes me feel

And I want to deal with my friends making fun of me
The way I made fun of them when they went through the same kind of love type love
Only difference is, this is one of those real love type loves
And just like in high school
I want to spend hours on the phone not saying shit
And then fall asleep and then wake up with her right next to me
And smell her all up in my covers type love
I want to try counting the ways I love her
And lose count in the middle just so I have to start all over again
And I want to celebrate one of those one month anniversaries
Even though they ain’t really anniversaries
But doing it just ‘cause it make her happy type love
And, check this, I want to fall in love with the melody the phone plays
When none of us dialed into it type love
And talk to you until I lose my breathe
She leaves me breathless
But with the expanding of my lungs I inhale all of her back into me

I want a love that makes me need to change my cell phone calling plan
To something allows me to talk to her longer
‘cause in all honesty, I want to avoid one of them high cell phone bill type loves
And I want a love that makes me regret how small my hands are
I mean the lines on my palms don’t give me enough time
To love you as long as I’d like to type love
And I want a love that makes me st-st-st-st-stutter
Just thinking about how strong this love is type love
And I want a love that makes me want to cut off all my hair
Well, maybe not all of the hair
Maybe like I cut the split ends and trim my moustache
But it would still be a symbol of how strong my love for her

And check this, I kind of feel comfortable now
So I even be fantasizing about walking out on a green light
Just dying to get hit by a car
Just so I could lose my memory
Get transported to some third world country just to get treated
Then somehow meet up again with you so I can fall in love with you
In a different language and see if it still feels the same type love
I want a love that’s as unexplainable as she is
But I’m married, so she’s gonna be the one I share this love with


legwarmers love.

Photo via Models off Duty

I absolutely LOVE how this model is wearing her leg warmers. Brilliant! And I've never seen someone look so good with that AA shirt either.

farmer's market.

My aunt and I go to this Farmer's Market near my old house every Sunday. Here's what I wore. I usually go in my pajamas since we go so bright and early (9am is early for someone who sleeps past noon) but apparently I was feeling good this Sunday.

Sunglasses - a kiosk at the Americana in Glendale, LA
Shirt - Wildfox doman sleeve, gift from girlfriend
Denim Shorts - Abercrombie & Fitch
Lace tights - Forever21
Knee High Boots, slouched - JOIE
Handbag - Rebecca Minkoff 'Morning After Clutch'
Bracelets - mixed


You are like no one I've ever met.

if only.. if only us humans could fly, if the top of my finger could write in the sky, if we could breathe under water and live without food, if there was no violence, ignorance, or rude. if only days consisted of relaxing and shows. if we could play in the snow without any clothes. if love was the only thing anyone knew, i'd be in your room.. right besides you. so while i'm not there and these are all just thoughts, look on the bright side, we won't get caught and i'll have more time to get in shape and make me some money so that we can date. i can't hide my frustration, i wish i was there, if only.. if only.. life was fair.

Images via Le Love

on the wings of love.

The very first television show with the idea of bringing one main character in the search for love was "The Bachelor" on ABC. (Now they have VH1 and MTV creating all these ridiculous shows featuring girls like Tila Tequila and some hideous buff dude named Mario?) Anyways, I'm a hopeless romantic and whether it's a book or a television show, I will be interested! I never tuned in to watch the first season of "The Bachelor" and I did watch a few episodes of "The Bachelorette" that featured Trista Sutter who was the second runner up from the first season. Although I was aware of what was going on with the show and Trista did end up with a happy ending. (According to Wikipedia.com, the only successful story in Bachelor & Bachelorette history.) Since I've started school and work, I've been disconnected with television and rarely find time to even sit on the coach.

Photos via Google Search "the bachelor jake"

This season of The Bachelor however, has me speeding back home from my night class to watch. First and foremost, this season's bachelor Jake Pavelka is just so sexy, adorable, and kind. Watching him on television just makes me wish i was much older so that I could compete on the show and fall in love with him! Which is EXACTLY why so many viewers requested him to be "The Bachelor". He was actually on the previous season of "The Bachelorette" and was like the 5th or 6th runner up. Women (of course) I am assuming, who watches the show actually requested for him to be the next person to have a chance at finding love. So I've been watching every Monday since the show has started and when I don't, thank goodness for the full episodes on ABC.com.

A bit about Mr. Pavelka? According to US magazine & a high school friend, Jake pretty much seems like the quiet Mr. Nice guy who probably didn't attend wild college life parties or take part in any fraternities. He's a pilot, so you can see where they got the catch phrase for this season's show. "On the Wings of Love", I like it.

Pavelka (in a yearbook shot) "was quiet," says classmate Kelly Zoltner.

In high school, Pavelka "didn't really date," Zoltner tells Us.

"He was really into lifting weights in high school," Fickey says of Pavelka. "He was always a good guy. He never drank beer or smoked cigarettes."

Photos via Us magazine

I could never imagine being on a dating show. Dating one guy and having to keep his attention on you is hard enough. But when you have 20 other women aside from yourself, it only makes it a million times harder. Then there are the eliminations that makes your heart drop rock bottom when your name isn't the one called. But the most hurtful of all has to be when you are one of the bottom 3-5 contestants. By then most of us have already fallen in love with the bachelor/bachelorette so you basically put your entire life on pause in hopes of getting rewarded and instead you get this "experience" and a broken heart.

A swimsuit model from NY, once posed for Maxim Magazine after her break up with a well known baseball? player.

She's actually an admissions advisor at FIDM OC!

Your average evil blonde chick!

So here we have the final 3 woman.
(UPDATE, it's now down to Tenley & Vivenna)

Photos via My Take on TV

Watching the most recent episode where the 3 girls (Tenley, Gia, & Vivenna) are left and Gia was the one who left, it made me realize that (this doesn't only apply to girls) but it's most hurtful and devastating when we find ourselves falling in love with that person and seeing a future with that person. That is when it hurts most because you have this picture perfect ending where you hope to get to but you don't, that is when the door to our hearts shut and has to be pulled back open again in hopes of someone entering it and staying in it.


The Daily Love.

I'm very much into "tweeting" so whenever there's breaking news or a new comer in the Twitter world, I'm pretty much aware. You can follow me @ www.twitter.com/annaversary

So basically that's how I found The Daily Love. www.thedailylove.com was created by Mastin Kipp & if you sign up for the daily email, you wake up to an email filled with inspirational quotes not only related to love but living a happy life & being life lover.

Here's one of Mastin's poems that I really love and I want to share with you all.


By Mastin Kipp

Listen closely and silence the resistance and doubt of your mind if you want to hear Me
I am the calm beneath the chaos of your mind
And speak only in whispers

Let go and feel with all your heart if you want to touch Me
I cannot feel you
If you are afraid to feel me

See Me in the most unfavorable of circumstances
I do not show myself
Where you already feel comfort

Stop and smell how beautiful life is in every circumstance
My fragrance can only please you
If you are looking for it

Taste Me even when you have nothing to eat
For I alone can sustain you
Through whatever may come

Look off the beaten path to find me
For I do not dwell in the terrain that is already known

I am the subtle behind the obvious
And the peace beyond the chaos
I am the bringer of all things
And the doer of all deeds
I am the wind at your back
And the light of your soul
I am the love that's within you
And the love that's trying to find you

I'll give you all your hearts desire
All you have to do
Is let me in
Be brave and see what happens
I'll be waiting for you to begin


Kellan Lutz. le sigh.

After beginning my career in the fashion industry and having to styling celebrities and working at events that they attend, I was taught to maintain a professional manner. But even before then, I've never been a screaming female fan (okay, so I did go crazy for the Jonas Brother's when I was selected to be in their 2007 American Music Awards performance as one of the many screaming girl fans who ran down the aisle.) But moving on! It's so rare for me to go goo-goo-ga-ga for male celebrities but Kellan Lutz has been mesmerizing me with these interviews of his. I don't get shy when it comes to meeting guys but I bet my cheeks would get pink if I were to meet Kellan.

Image Source: Glamour Magazine

Just read these interviews and tell me this guy isn't just adorable and charming?

Kellan Lutz On What A Girl Should Wear On A Date (And The Answer Will Definitely Surprise You)

I ran into Twilight's Kellan Lutz last night at the William Rast after party (okay, the truth is I stared him down from across the room until I had enough champagne in me to finally make my approach!), and asked him, "What should a girl wear on a first date that would just totally wow you?" His answer was adorable, funny, and shockingly on-trend for fall 2010.

"Socks." He didn't even blink. "Socks?" I asked. "What do you mean, like, um, just socks?"

"Like, cute animal printed socks or something like that," he said. "Because nobody knows she's wearing them except her, and then she takes off her thigh high boots and has those bunny socks under there and it's just like oh man. It makes the mood lighter, it just gets you guys laughing. And then.." he gave me a mischievous little smile..."you see where it goes from there.

Source: Glamour Magazine

Why New Moon's Kellan Lutz Loves Winter Fashion

"The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her."

"Layers add excitement. I think, Once I take the sweater off and I'm able to touch her arms, how soft are they going to be?"

"When I'm in love with a woman, seeing her in something cozy makes me not want to let go of her when I'm holding her. "

"It's nice to see bits and pieces of a woman exposed. As a guy, you get that mystery — especially when a dress or top isn't too snug."

"Women are stunning in clothes that look like they were made for sitting outside a fire."

"I like a girl to wear oversize sweaters that look like my own — it's beyond sexy."

"Your eyes are automatically drawn to that bare part of her shredded jeans."

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine



My sister.

I decided to ask my sister to be my Valentine this year :)

Surprised her with 2 things she's been wanting to try.

Lindor Chocolate and the CoverGirl Lash Blast.
She woke up pretty happy.
She tweeted "i woke up to the sweetest things. i cant ask for more .. ♥"

I think so!

Thanks sis for an amazing day, as always. I love you.

Lunar New Year 2010.

Photo via spaceherosuits.

Happy Chinese New Year!


CHANEL RTW Summer 2010.

Ok, so Rodarte isn't the only one with tattoos on his models.

The Plank and Butterfly.

I just got out of the shower and finished blow drying my hair. Tonight was going to be the first night that I work out at night. I finished all my work and it's still somewhat "early" (it's 12:10am) so I figured I could do some crunches and see how I feel. Before I begin I want to share this article with you that my sister just showed me.

I remember doing 'The Plank" back in high school when I was on the dance team. Our coach who was an obviously fit woman, formercheerleader and marathon runner was always concerned with our team being in shape.

Now the "Butterfly", I believe that's a new one, at least to me. Off to do some midnight workout. Goodnight!


Sharpie tattoos!

As I was driving home from school tonight today, brainstorming about what Mei Lin and I would wear to Beyond Wonderland, I have this vision of us dressing up as fairies or pixies with leaves or the paisley print wrapped around our skin. I didn't have any ideas as to how I was going to do that besides to search 'floral press on tattoos' on eBay. After seeing Rodarte's Spring Ready To Wear 2010, I think I have an idea!

Genius and artistically brilliant! We all know Sharpie's come in handy but it's never played such a big part until being used to create tribal tattoos on Rodarte's model's. Can you imagine how they removed it? I personally would of kept it on until it eventually faded, gorgeous. Now all I need is an artist.

Alexander McQueen, another beautiful+creative tragedy.

Every morning during breakfast I like to read my Twitter feed. It's somewhat become like my daily news, lol. I had Chex and Rice Crispies with milk today, as I touched the refresh button on my iPhone, a tweet popped up that I wish it hadn't. I felt my creative bones freeze. British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen passed away this morning in his home in London. According to Harper's Bazaar, it hasn't been confirmed, yet. I didn't have time to turn on the television and I didn't expect the entire world to make this a big deal besides us fashion peps anyways, but surprisingly, Ryan Seacrest on FM102.7 KIIS covered this tragic morning news.

According to a lady in London (I forgot her name) who was on the phone with Ryan, Alexander McQueen's mother had passed away 3 days ago AND exactly 3 years ago, his good friend and mentor Isabella Blow took her life away in May 2007 after discovering that she had ovarian cancer. (via j'adore j'adore)

I loved McQueen's bold and exagerrated work. There was no way you could miss his designs. I'm truly saddened by this especially having today being the first day of New York Fashion Week. I feel like it just won't be the same this year anymore. London Fashion Week sure won't be.

Image via Stylesight
All other images via numerous websites through Google.

Rest In Peace.
Alexander McQueen.
March 17, 1969-February 11, 2010