my points.

I already knew what I wanted when I first signed up for Wells Fargo's Rewards Program. It was a t.v. for my bedroom. But today, I saw a few others and now I might have to think it over! So many goodies!


waiting for my luck.

Comes from hard work or luck. In my case, both.

I was on eBay doing my usual search on random stuff I don't need and came across "eBay FASHION VOICE". eBay's been getting their foot into the fashion world with their "eBay Vault" where they offer some sales on designer items and now this "Fashion Voice" where they give advice based on celebrity stylist's and trend experts. I scrolled up and down and the name Britt Bardo caught my eye "celebrity stylist. Off I went to Googling her and stumbled across this page.

Her big break was when she was a stylist assistant and jLo asked her to be her personal stylist.

While browsing around her results on Google I find out that she's a part of The Magnet Agency and so is Annabel Tollman who's also featured on Fashion Voice.

So I wonder, when will my big break be? Because hard work hasn't been helping!

JK. Hard work pays off.. it's just sometimes luck helps a long way!

Something else added to my list of to do's: Be a part of The Magnet Agency.



Rachel Bilson, Pink n' Polka Dotted.

(Photo Credit: Just Jared)

It's not easy to pull off polka dots but Rachel Bilson makes it seem so effortless.
Pink and brown/beige go smoothly together and her scarf and boots obviously make that cut.



I had the most random and unexpected work week ever! Well, so far.

I didn't work all week last week so I was really excited to get back into my busy mode of working and chaos. What I wished for is exactly what I got and more.

There's been a lot of Jewish holidays so of course, since my boss is Jewish I had many of the days off but due to a lot of time off we had a lot to catch up on. There's so much that we have to do with the new clothing line coming out, photo shoots, interviews, magazine editorials and articles, television promos, launch parties, blah blah blah.. just a lot going on.

I'm young and I'm not exactly in a place where I have an exact title so I work with so many different people who allow me to pick at their brain and well Carrie Zack of Carrie Zack Events is one of them and it's been more than a pleasure working with her.

Went to work with Niki on Monday and got a lot of catching up done, worked on some things for our television cameos coming up soon to promote the clothing line and went home to a lovely meal with my mother and father who have Monday off.

Was going to go into work on Tuesday but got the day off due to trip to the production offices so I agreed to work with Carrie however the baby sister somehow got food poisoning and got the stomach flu so I stayed home and did some grocery shopping, etc.

Wednesday, woke up at 6:00am and took Jennie to school. Didn't have time to take our morning walk with Meeko and rushed over to Carrie's as soon as I could. Almost got into several accidents falling asleep in traffic for 2 hours but finally arrived at 9:00am. Carrie left for her meeting, I went to some city I forgot where to pick up a check, went back to Carrie's. Met up with Carrie and got some computer work done and it was time to leave the house to run errands for 2 weddings that we have on Saturday. Had to take Carrie's girl Dolli with us along on our trips because she doesn't do well being home alone. Snuck Dolli into Cost Plus with us and got everything we needed there.. dropped Carrie off at Cristophe's for her hair appointment and met up with the BFF to let her know what we needed help with. P.S. The BFF was on her way to a relaxing day in Pasadena but due to my phone call, little did she know I needed her for the next 2 days or should I just say the rest of the week? The BFF came and off she went to Cost Plus on 3rd Street for some more of the cheese that we needed and I was off to Trader Joe's to get chocolate bars and clementines for one of the bride's gift bags for her guests. After all that was done, I picked up Carrie from Cristophe's and back to her place it was. The BFF helped Carrie's neighbor organize her closet while we had to leave for Nigel's mother's place and so I dropped Carrie off at Nigel's mother's and I had to go to Ralph's and get cleaning supplies to clean off the car because Nigel is allergic to dogs and he'd die if he sniffed even 1% of Dolli. Cleaned the car all up, Carrie came out and off to LAX we went. Got Nigel, got dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and went back to Carrie's, got Mei Lin and we finally got home around 1? 2? in the morning. I have the best bestfriend in the world. <3

Megan & Cristiano for Armani.

Check out these sexy but hilarious Armani video ads featuring Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo!

The just-released short films, for both Armani Jeans and Armani Underwear, show Megan, 24, and Cristiano, 25, unknowingly teasing hotel staff with their toned physiques.

In Megan’s video, “The Tip,” a room service delivery guy watches the actress slip into a pair of jeans, while Cristiano, in “Housekeeping,” scrambles around the room looking for his shirt – which a maid has purposely hidden. Ha!

FYI, Megan is also the face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.

(Text source via JustJared)


Sis' new book bag.

Sis and I are very different. In many ways.
One of them being that we're completly different shoppers.
She's a bargain shopper.
A shopper that doesn't buy retail.
She aims for the sale section and there is nothing wrong with that.
She got this cloth braided tote for $7 to use as a book bag.

You can get it at Karmaloop.com!


Movie Week with the BFF.

I had the entire week off and although that agenda filled with things to do when I have time have been collecting dust, I decided to spend all my time with Mei Lin.

We watched 3 movies!
-Going the Distance
-Toy Story 3 (Finally!)
-Resident Evil Afterlife

Not only did we watch 3 different movies but we watched each movie at a different theater.

Back when we both weren't busy working and doing our own thing we use to work at the mall together, car pool to the mall together, get off at the same time together and helped each other close up each other's kiosks together but now, we rarely get to spend time with each other so when the time is right we take advantage!

Also missed FNO. I could care less. <3



The origin of where my 1/2 Pomeranian and 1/2 Chihuahua sweetheart got his name :)


Labor Day at Cabazon.

As usual, mother and father wanted to use the excuse of "shopping" to sneak next door to play at Casino Morongo. I didn't mind since dad gave me $100 and my savings account agreed it'd be a sweet deal to accept.

Believe it or not, I didn't buy a single thing! Not a dime spent. Not even on food! (I packed up my favorite chocolate+fruits+nuts mix!) I pretty much spent the day napping in the car with Meeko, staying outside the stores with Meeko, or playing with Meeko. A Labor Day well spent I would say since I got to be with my baby all day :)


Peeked around ShopBop's Sale Section and these were the only two things I ended up putting into my cart.. didn't do it though.


Uncle Fred's 80th Birthday Dinner.

Anniversary Hotel Room.

With Carrie away in Miami, she had asked me to take full responsibility for decorating her brother's hotel room for his anniversary surprise for his wife.
I was more than privileged to do this on my own. It felt like it was my first on my own project. However, I must give most of the credits to my wonderful little sister who came along the entire day with me. Thanks sis!

Our day pretty much looked like this broken down:
-Left home around 12 in the afternoon
-Headed to the Mariott Hotel in Downtown LA to meet with the flower guy
-Got the flowers and arrangements, candles, etc...
-Stopped by Mulberry's Pizzeria, I had been craving since Niki introduced me to it!
-Went to pick up the 2 red velvet cheesecakes from Magnolia's Bakery
-Headed to the Fairmount Hotel in Santa Monica to set everything up
-Finished and rushed home to make it to Uncle Fred's 80th Birthday Dinner

In less than 9 hours we'll be going to Casino Morongo and the Cabazon Outlets for our Labor Day since mom and dad really wants to go have some fun. I'm going to be good and just take this trip as an opportunity to spend time with Meeks.