Bomber Denim, Crochet, & more..

This is such a late post. Here are some of the most recent treasures I found..

1) Chiffon Kimono from Wasteland $18
2) Floral Robe from That's Chic
3) Kenneth Cole Button Up $3
4) Crochet Cropped Top $5
5) Steve Madden Bomber Denim Jacket $18


The Palms Street

One of the best things about California..

The Palm Trees

Taken at some random street around my neighborhood.


Recycled Clear Jewelry Boxes

These clear jewelry boxes once held chocolates = )
Specifically Ferrero Rocher!

Go Try It On Feature

I received an email from one of the girls at "Go Try It On" this week and was honored to be featured on their blog = )

They + "Go Try It On" users liked these 2 looks (here & here) that I posted:

I don't remember when or how I found this app. (for sure no one told me about it or introduced me to it). Most likely, I was surfing the App Store at night before bed and stumbled across it.

I really enjoy this app. It's so much fun to share your outfits OR to seek opinions when you're trying something on at the mall with others who use this app. Download it now, it's free!


New Jewelry Obsession


I'm pretty up to date with most things happening on the net since I am practically attached to my computer when I am not on my iPhone. Anyways, when I heard about Kate Bosworth starting a jewelry line with her stylist I just had to be signed up with the newsletter to get the first heads up when it launched.

I pretty much want everything. Each piece goes for $29.99 and it's based on your own personal style. You take the test when you sign up and you have your own 'showroom' which is all of the jewelry that are hand picked by the professionals to suite your taste!

It's invite only but don't worry, I am inviting you to join = )


Trust me, if you're a Kate Bosworth fan (style icon wise, not her films) then you will love jewelmint. Enjoy!


M is for Monday and Meeko

H&M shirt, BDG jeans, GAP belt, Forever21 necklace, ring, gifted TopShop ring, Miu Miu Bow Satchel Handbag in Alluminio

Monday strikes the beginning of another week which means dim sum luncheon with mom, grandma, and aunt and joining us today was my god mother who's as cute as button. She showed up wearing a top that was the exact same color as mine.

As usual, I ate till I was as full as a blimp (still full right now..) and when the clock stroked 2 'o clock, I went to pick up the baby sister from school. On our way home we stopped at a random street to take some photos. I must admit, I'm not really liking this shirt.. I love the color and the lace detail but it doesn't fit me like a glove, in fact, it's almost eating me up!


Color Me Golden Rule LA

Golden Rule LA sweatshirt, no name yoga flare jersey pants, L.A.M.B. handbag and Sanrio Hello Kitty laptop bag

You can find Golden Rule LA merchandise at the (some) of the following online boutiques/retailers:

Happy Easter everyone = )

The only time I've ever celebrated Easter was back when I was in elementary school. These are the times that make me miss being a kid. You celebrate every holiday and get to skip out on work for the day. I know some people celebrate Easter and unfortunately my family isn't one of them so I am spending the day with my sister at our favorite tea house.

Studio B. - I See Girls


Screaming for Thai Food

Vintage Jacket, American Apparel Tank, BDG Jeans, Forever21 Booties, L.A.M.B. Handbag, Forever21, H&M, & gifted TopShop accessories

Friday nights are usually sister nights. I still can't believe that in less than two years my baby sister will be off to college. Congratulations again to my sister for making into Pepperdine University's 34th annual Youth Citizenship Seminar. I already know I will miss her so I know that I must take advantage of the time left of her being around.

Tonight, we were originally going to go to our favorite death spot, The Boiling Crab. And I mean by death spot because it's against our "healthy eating". So our bodies got lucky because the wait was 1+ hour so we opted to thai food. We finally tried Thai Purple for the first time and it was a satisfying meal :) We will most certainly be returning on a Tuesday for their $3.99 Pad Thai sometime soon since we didn't get it tonight.

Another change of plans in our evening was that we planned to watch "The Adjustment Bureau" but at last minute when we checked our tickets, it was suppose to be used at an Edwards Theaters so we ended up watching "Scream 4". One word: FAIL. I couldn't take the cast or the entire script seriously, I loved all the rest of the movies but this one wasn't too nicely done. I'd give it a 3/5.

Nonetheless, it was a lovely evening spent with J <3

Low Luv x Erin Wasson Wannabe

Thank you SO much Melissa for gifting me with this beautiful ring from TopShop that had been on my wishlist but was sold out when I went back to see if it was still available for purchase. I was so sad so when I opened up this package I was beyond ectastic!

Thank you thank you thank you! xo

TopShop is sold out of this ring but you can still buy the original by Low Luv x Erin Wasson.


Tiring Thursday

1) The top of my side bed tables were boring me so I took a stack of VOGUE magazines and used them as a plate for my lamps :)
2) Procrastination at it's bed. Laying in bed doing my homework until 5am
3) A peek inside of FIDM's computer lab
4) also known as the Annex Building
5) Rings on my left hand
6) Rings on my right hand
7) A classmate of mine who wore this beautiful clean outfit. Sheer ivory top with a laced cami under. Loved that combo! Paired with white denim jeans and mushroom ankle boots.
8) A peek inside my Brand Portfolio class
9) Where I sit
10) Everyone doing work on their laptops
11) After class on my way to Costco
12) Weekdays at Costco are the best! No crazy crowds..
13) Silk Chocolate Milk is my favorite light breakfast in the mornings
14) After shopping at Costco
15) Sis sitting in the back of my car when we went to drop off my aunt's items from Costco

- - -

It's 11:33pm, my eyes feel like they have been stung by a swarm of bees.

Class this morning was so dreadful. We're beginning to build our portfolio so we indivdually get called up to meet with our professor 1 on 1 so while one person is up there, the rest of the class is on study hall. I pretty much napped the entire time since my last name is at the end of the alphabet. Met up with Danielle for lunch and grabbed a Spinich Turkey wrap at Cafe FIDM.

I would of loved to come straight home & into bed but because (as usual) I had a ton of errands to run and phone calls to make that was impossible. After getting my car I went to Costco to fill up my gas tank (which was $49.00, $4.19/gallon) RIDICULOUS!!! After wards, I did a small grocery shopping trip to Ralphs and ran into a cute Asian guy who worked there named Jeff. (So cute!)

Came home for a bit and picked up my sister and Meeko, went to my aunt's to drop off all the stuff that she had me get for her at Costco. By the time we got home it was already 5pm so I knocked out for about 1 1/2 hours on the coach and it was time for dinner. Watched "America's Best Dance Crew" featuring music by "The Black Eyed Peas" and did some of my sister's laundry.

I'm looking forward to tonight's sleep. I am leaving my laptop downstairs.