Lunch with the girls.

It's very rare for all of my girlfriends & I to have an entire day or part of a day off where we can actually get together so we took advantage when we found out we were all available today! We went to (my) favorite cafe to eat and laugh for hours. Highlight of my day, good food and good friends. Priceless!

The Bachelorette. Goodbye Jesse.

I was completely shocked when Ali eliminated handsome farm boy Jesse two weeks ago. (06.14.2010) My friend Jennifer had told me that I was going to be really shocked when I was going to catch the episode online at ABC.com and I surely was.

Jesse Beck, my favorite bachelor out of all the men, he's most good looking and close to my age, yum.

And according to some websites and The Bachelor on Facebook, there's this new reality spinoff show of The Bachelor and Bachelorette that will be starring contestants of both shows coming back to live in a house somewhat similiar to Big Brother and Jesse is on it! I don't know whether to be jealous that he'll possibly be hooking up with females in the house or happy because I'll be seeing more of him. Sigh. Whatever, having him as an eye candy is as close as I can get right now. Haha! Who am I kidding?


Fashion District for EDC.

As usual, I went last minute shopping to put together my outfit for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival). My sister was a dear to come along with me to the Fashion District in Downtown LA. My good friend and fashion designer Akram came along as well. We got everything we needed so it was a successful trip!


Mall and Trader Joe's.

Pikachu Dairy, Entry 1.

I just can't ever seem time to blog. Sames goes for my handwritten dairy which I have been neglecting since the beginning of this year. I buy and write in a journal/dairy every year just so I can read it when I get old and it's really amazing to just read and think about the past and what you've been through. Anyways, this post is about Pikachu and this is seriously so cheesy of me to be doing but whatever, lol.

All these photos were taken with my iPhone since my digital camera is currently broken still but if you can squint your eyes and see very closely, Pikachu is actually sleeping..

The way you feed, reward, and "buy' Pikachu's love (basically which is the point of the game) is to give him "watts" which are earned by the more you shake the device or if you play this game. You get 500 watts if you hit triple 7's.

I gifted him 500 and he grew bigger. Along with growing, the status of the way he feels about me is past "O.K." and it's now "likes".

Honestly, it's not that fun anymore and I got bored of it after the first day. I recall it being much more entertaining when I was younger but of course, everything is when you're a kid.


Job applications and sushi.

Spent the day with Linh filling out and dropping off our applications at the mall for a summer job. As usual, we ended the day at our favorite sushi joint at the moment, Caga Sushi!

Top: Forever21, Vest: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Handbag: Rebecca minkoff

Barenaked Ladies.

I discovered an amazing band while watching one of my favorite television shows, The Bachelorette.

The remaining 14 men got the opportunity to be in/shoot the music video with Ali and the band.

Here are some of their music on YouTube that I wanted to share with you all.

Observations of Pikachu's Life.

I recall Pikachu being a lot more fun when I was younger.. ahha. None the less, it's a cute little device and "pet" I like to keep with me in my handbag now.

The following charts were found via Google though.

Observations of Pikachu's Early Life
7-8am Yawning, eating breakfast, brushing teeth
8am Playing in sand, playing with building blocks
12noon-1pm Eating lunch, brushing teeth, yawning
1pm Playing in sand, reading a book, licking a LARGE lollipop, playing a horn, flying a kite
6-7pm Eating supper, brushing teeth
7pm Watching TV, taking a shower, yawning
8pm Getting into bed
8pm-7am Sleeping on back, side, tummy

Pikachu Grows Up
8-9am Yawning, eating breakfast, brushing teeth
9am Studying at school, playing in sand
12noon-1pm Eating lunch, brushing teeth, yawning
1pm Studying at school, playing in sand, flying a kite, playing with a yo-yo, licking an ice cream cone
6-7pm Eating supper, brushing teeth
7pm Watching TV, playing with radio-controlled car, taking a bubble bath (or a shower), yawning
9pm Getting into bed
9pm-8am Sleeping on back, side, tummy


Say Hello to Pikachu.

If you could bring back one toy from your childhood, what would it be?

Randomly out of the blue one day, I thought about my virtual pet (like a Tomodachi) Pokemon Pocket Pikachu. Due to my poor memory, I didn't remember much of it but I immediately searched it up on eBay. The first few times I searched, nothing, no results but I continued to look and I found one pop up one day! So I bought it! Less than $30 which isn't bad because I recall it being retailed for a good $20-50 at Toys R Us back in the day.

So it arrived the other day, without batteries, I got impatient and went to Wal-Mart to buy some batteries and it ended up being the wrong ones. So my mom suggested that I take it into an electronics repair place and they had the batteries I needed!

Here's a link to a bit of what I am talking about: http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/pikachu.html

Anyways, say hello to Pikachu because I'm going to be doing my own dairy of him, as cheesy as this idea is, ahahah. Kid at heart, what can I say :D


Sky high.

If I were asked if I could change anything about myself or is there anything that I do not like about myself, I would have to say my height. I'm happy with my body though but of course, if I was asked, I'd have to say I wish I was taller. But thanks to high heels, wedges, pumps and platforms, I am able to live this dream.. haha.

I had ordered these Jessica Simpson platforms back in.. December I believe. They were out of stock for the longest time and had to be back-ordered and when I woke up one morning and saw a box from UPS in the living room, I knew it was finally here because I had I also received an email notification of it arriving + finally being shipped!

I got them in a size 6. They only come in whole sizes and so because I am perfectly 6.5 and most of the time it's a 6 than a 7 because you can always break in tight shoes then shrink big shoes.. which isn't even possible.. but these fit me perfectly, however, I am not sure if it's because of the height of the shoe, it is taller than my clogs and my clogs are over the top comfy, these platforms make my left foot numb after a while.

On a scale from 1-10, I'd say a 7.5.