No EDC 2011

I've never felt the need to go out more than I did this Friday. Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 began on Friday and is still going on at this exact moment while I am typing this. The bff told me to resist the urge to go so that we could get the full Vegas experience in November for my birthday.

Still, I really wish I were the ones who took these photos. All photos taken from different users on Twitter.


Joey & Bo

Congratulations to my friend Joey and her now husband, Bo!

Tonight I attended my friend Joey's wedding. Our father's are good friends and daddy couldn't make it but mom, me, my sister Jennie, and cousin Kary attended. It was held at a lovely restaurant in San Gabriel near the San Gabriel Mission. I loved the colors she chose for the theme of her wedding, pink and purple! My favorites!

Joey and Bo dated for about 8 years before getting married. I remember when I was younger, visiting Joey at her work and Bo was then the "co-worker" and "friend". Now they are married, husband and wife! I wish them the best!

Polka Dot Plaid Pajamas

XXI shirt and shorts

It's tradition that my cousin and sister like to dye their hair whenever my cousin comes over for vacation every summer so today I drove them to Sally's Beauty Supplies. I'm not a part of this tradition, I'm just the driver :)


On The 21st Floor

Sushi is one of my favorite foods, the other is Italian. So when Groupon had this offer for Takami (I think it was $20 for $50) I jumped on it immediately. I have to admit, before actually going to the restaurant and seeing the prices of the food, the bff and I thought it was going to be a ridiculous 2 pieces of sushi for $50 kind of thing but when we got there and waited for our table, it was a sigh of relief. Lesson learned to do research on the company/restaurant before purchasing a coupon..

Overall, the bff and I had an amazing night. We got our favorite rolls and she tried my favorite dish "Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice" for the first time. Not surprising that she only preferred the bottom piece of the rice, haha. Anyways, read more of my review on yelp to hear more about my thoughts on the restaurant. Enjoy the pictures!