all girls should have an affair with a french guy.

says Kelly Cruton of People's Revolution.

I absolutely despise reality shows but sadly they are taking over my television so sometimes I fall into watching The Hills, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Tool Academy, or one of my guilty pleasures, The City.

I like The City though. Love it actually because it's revolved around the casts' work life rather than catty girl fights or love drama.

And I absolutely adore Whitney Port's style and how she's not afraid of her individuality because so many people seem to dislike what she wears, I find her wardrobe absolutely astonishing. You just never know what she's going to wear next.


The Ellen Show.

I have this list. This list is called "Things To Do Before I Die". On this list of tasks there was this one:

[ ] Go to a taping of a talk show(s)

I decided to make Ellen Degeneres my first. Went online and signed up for tickets using my own, the bff's, sister's, mom and dad and bff's name got pulled! We received a letter in the mail for 4 "standby" tickets.

It said that were suppose to be there by 3:30pm and we arrived an hour early to 3oo+ people who already made it there earlier than us. Lesson learned, go 3+ hours early if you have "standby" tickets. There are 3 groups: standby, guaranteed, and VIP. I have no idea how VIP works but basically "standby" is for people who get a number and if you go VERY early you have a higher chance of getting in. Guaranteed is for people who's been there once before as a "standby" and returned because they couldn't make it into the show. That's what happened to us so we're rescheduled to return to the next taping which is in a month but that's okay because the guests on the show today weren't all that impressive.

I felt like such a waste of a day though. We spent all day waiting and waiting and waiting and got into the studio but instead of being in the audience we were put in a room with the gift shop and just watched the recording of the show. Atleast give us a free ELLEN hoodie or something?! Grr.

Mother nature also arrived today for her monthly visit. That explains my bitterness.


Hyori Lee for Korea VOGUE May 2010

She's guilty for taking Christina's and Britney's songs and making tons of money re-singing them and ON TOP of that, being flawlessly gorgeous.

Source: fashionindie

Here she is in Korea VOGUE in their most recent issue, May 2010. I have to admit, the stylist and director could of done way better. It's a cute theme but I'm not impressed. What do you think?


H&M "The Garden Collection" S/S 2010

Image by me.

This collection stands for everything I love about summer and spring clothes. All the colors, floral prints, flowy silhouettes, and made from organic materials?! Is there anything NOT to like about this collection? Not for me! I want all the pieces!

When I first heard about this collection at H&M I knew I was going to be in trouble. I resisted to have any visits to the mall and was doing a very good job, until today. The dear girlfriend asked me to go to the mall to pick something up for her and well, it was right next to H&M and my shopaholic self went in and left with a few items of course.

Images by me.

Check out the website for more: http://www.hmthegardencollection.com/

+Update, I got the chance to finally go to H&M the other day and I bought 2 pieces. (Had WAY MORE than 2 pieces in my hand but I decided to be good.) I'll take photos+post soon!

Paper Bag Waist Short

One more garment to come!~

Embellished Flats.

I've been wanting a pair of embellished flats for sometime now. I dream of Miu Miu's and I saw a girl in my class who had a gorgeous pair from BCBG that I tried Googling and searching for but no luck at all and well, while following mom around Forever21 this past monday, I got these:


Spring/Summer Wishlist.

The title says it all. I will continue to add items I want and will buy or cannot buy. I've also provided the links with the photos as well, just in case any of you would like to purchase ; )

Sam Edelman "Divine" Sandals

Simple Molly Playsuit by Motel

"Ginger" $90-$100

Unfortunately this is an oldie but I recently got my pair on eBay! Yay! I've been eying it ever since I saw it on Kourtney Kardashian and I've been wanting a zipper // gladiator // embellished sandal so this is perfect! I'm so excited. I will definitely post pictures when it arrives.

Pistol Panties
How adorable is this high waisted triangle bikini with bow tie back.

Nuna Shirt
Was $135.00 Now $99.00

Newport News
Floral print blouse with sash

I just can't get enough of floral prints..


Nylon Clippings.

I no longer subscribe for the hard copy of Nylon Magazines so when Urban Outfitters offered their customers a free subscription of the online copie as a Christmas gift, of course gladly accepted. Thanks UO!

I gathered up all of my favorite pages and clippings from the inspirations of the styling or just because.