Alright Alright Alrighttttttt

What a night..

We picked up Kevin Hart's new movie "Laugh At My Pain" premiere after party held at the Pacific Design Center last minute. We were already slammed for Fashion Night Out but we were convinced we'd be able to pull this off (which we did.. along with a handfull of headaches and drama).

I didn't do much since I do not drink but I was in good company of my sister who's a big fan of Kevin Hart's. We had an opportunity to go smoke with Snoop Dogg which my sister gladly accepted but I helped rejected. Danielle who recently turned 21 still got carded at the bar and I currently have Kevin's personal photographer who's blowing up my phone because the man thinks I'm 5 years older than what I really am..

I almost always wear all black to events related to work, Forever21 dress, Nine West wedges, Lauren Merkin clutch.

Metal Heels

TOPSHOP ABSINTHE Metal Heel High Boots


The Power Of The Sun

A beautiful shot of the sky when I was going East bound that day during the evening..

LF Fall 2011 LookBook

Only in California you would be able to wear this kind of stuff in the Fall and Winter..


Cover Up Dress

H&M beach cover up dress, ZARA wedges

This outfit isn't current. I wore it to one of my cousin's birthday last month and never got around the posting them. I had gotten this dress from H&M wayyyyy back in the summer but never got the chance to wear it (or forgot about it) because I found it hidden in the back of my closet with it's tags still on it. Decided to finally take it out for a spin worn with an American Apparel tube dress under.

Can you believe these photos were taken by a 9 y/o btw :)

Thx Erica!


Velvet Burnout & Bell Sleeves

Loved every bit of this top except for it's price tag..

Available at your local Forever21 or online, I didn't check but it should be in stores :)


Part II 9.18.11 "Grocery Shoppin'"

Continuing my hunt on left overs of the Missoni x Target collection, I decided to make another stop at the Target in Pasadena to see if they restocked yet. Sadly, no but I could never step foot into Target without making a full circle of the store.

P.s. Please save trees and refrain from using paper towels, the XLERATOR has to be my favorite air drying machine of all machines. It's the strongest and shortest and dries your hands spotless.

Sundays are normally "sister shopping day". If I'm doing well then I'd take her shopping for clothes but still, in this economy even if we can afford to go shopping every weekend we shouldn't, saving $ is a new thing I'm trying out. Grocery shopping however, is something we all cannot cut out from our lives though, it's a necessity so therefore Sundays are always grocery shopping day where I take my sister to fill up the kitchen with what she wants to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week.

Livingsocial had a coupon where you spend $10 and you get $20 worth of groceries or whatever you want @ Whole Foods, so we stopped by Whole Foods after Target.

P.s.s. Please stop using plastic bags and buy a reusable grocery bag for $.99 :)

And before we headed home, we made one more stop at another one of our favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe's! (Their seafood snack is to die for, I've been so obsessed with them!!!)

"The Egg Rolls are the Best Thing I Ever Ate"

Missoni x Target dress, Haviana flip flops, GAP clutch

Sis and I had been dying to try Golden Deli out since we saw it on Food Channel's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" segment. One of the chef's said that his pick was the egg rolls from here so we were eager to try it since this place was only a few miles away from us! You can read more about my thoughts, opinion & experience of the place here.

I haven't been able to stop wearing my Missoni x Target dress.. it's still been blazing hot here in LA and this dress is just perfect!

Michelle Williams for Vogue

Michelle Williams for Vogue October 2011

Read the article and see the spread, here.