The Bachelorette.

After watching The Bachelor with Jake Pavelka and going crazy over what a sweetheart he was until he kept Vivenna around last season, I was ecstatic when they chose runner up Ali Fedotowsky as the next Bachelorette. I had adored her and rooted for he to win Jake's heart but she left after having to choose to go back to work or stay and she chose work. Like I always say, things happen for a reason and I'm sure the decision she made, she chose at the time for a reason and may she find happily ever after as the lucky bachelorette this season. I had missed the first episode but finally got to watch it when ABC.com posted it up and was up to date to watch tonight's second episode!

Photo(s) Credit: ABC

After watching the first episode, I didn't have much of any favorites, although some of these men made some very hard to forget first impressions. I've always said, first impressions mean everything and it's obvious the ones that made one heck of an entrance knows so too. Let's begin with Frank.

: 31
Occupation: Retail Manager
Hometown: Bartlett, IL
Resides in: Geneva, IL
The most outrageous thing he has have done: Quit his job, packed his bags and headed to Europe to make it up as he went along.
His favorite holiday: Thanksgiving -- people come together with no expectations of gifts, purely to be together.
Three items would he bring to a desert island: Notebooks & Pens, guitar and an amazing girl -- everything he loves in life!
His ultimate date: Fiji or Bora Bora -- oceanside bungalow, just drinking wine, making love and talking until the sun rises
Tattoo Count: 0

Photo Credit & Bachelor Info: ABC

He was the first one who's video commentary played first in the first episode and although my first thoughts of him was "what a nerd", his personality is just adorable! He also got the first date with Ali where they had a picnic at night on top of a car, on top of Los Angeles overlooking the city lights and of course, he also got the first kiss. As of now, I think he's running up in first place!

Up next we have Justin who is also known as "Rated R" who's video commentary was ridiculously humorous but ended with a sweet touch of him sharing how much he loved his grandmother.
Age: 26
Occupation: Entertainment Wrestler
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Resides in: Toronto, Canada
What he likes to do for fun: Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Poker
What he considers his three best attributes: His smile, his charisma and his personality
How he would impress a date: By being sweet, funny and a complete gentleman.
Three things he would bring on a desert island: Spear Gun, a woman and hair gel
Tattoo Count: Yes -- check out his arm!

Photo Credit & Bachelor Info: ABC

Of course, it's not easy being around 24 other men with the career which involves wearing an underwear and fighting/beating up other men so poor Justin was picked on by all the others and had to defend himself in the first episode and the second, which I am sure doesn't end there.

: 24
Occupation: General Contractor
Hometown: Peculiar, MO
Resides in: Kansas City, MO
What he consider his greatest achievement to date: Owning his own home, buying a truck and being happy where he lives
What is his best date memory: Having a food fight!
Three items he'd bring on a desert island: A torch, drinks and his girlfriend
His three best attributes: Being sincere, kind and having a good work ethic
Tattoo Count: At least two...

Photo Credit & Bachelor Info: ABC

And then there's Jesse. Hands down the best looking guy out of all 25 bachelors! Who also happens to be the youngest! Normally I am not attracted to guys who have tattoos but on the second/tonight's episode where the guys got to participate in a beach and Speedo calendar photo shoot for charity and on his one on one date with Ali, Jesse apparently has his entire left shoulder covered with one of those typical tattoo designs and well, I found it kind of sexy!

Age: 26
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Resides in: Charleston, SC
What he likes to do for fun: Hang at the beach with a boat, guitar, dominos and good people
What is his worst date: Double date in high school where his date cried because she spilled ketchup
His favorite book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Tattoo Count: 0

Photo Credit & Bachelor Info: ABC

In every first episode the Bachelor or Bachelorette is given 1 and only 1, special rose called the "First Impression Rose". This rose is given to only 1 of the 25 men who arrive and whoever makes a very great first impression receives the rose. From how I see it, this first impression rose is usually received by a person who's most likely to be one of the bottom remaining people and it wasn't a surprise when Roberto received it. Being the only Latin/Hispanic bachelor out of the bunch he sure impressed Ali by dancing with her and just being, well, himself. I'm also not into Latin or Hispanic men but Ali is sure feeling him.

Photo Credit: ABC & Google Images.

And lastly, I'd like to end this post by saying how happy and relieved I am that Ali did not give Craig M. the Lord Farquaad look-a-like from Shrek/the evil douchebag a rose tonight because he was clearly such a bad seed. His video commentary showed him looking into a mirror selfobsorbing myself and going into a bar picking up girls. (ABC where in the world did you think this guy would be potential husband or a guy who would be ready for a serious relationship?) Anyways, keeping him around the house would of caused more drama and although most viewers including ABC would of loved that, good for Ali for being smart and letting him go.

He was such a bully to "Weatherman" Jonhathan, poor guy was picked on constantly by him since the first episode and arrival. Guys like Craig M. are great examples of men who clearly are not ready to settle down and is so full of themselves. Immature and slutty at the age of 30, men like Craig M. need to stick to girls like themselves (slutty and bitchy) and not attempt to get themselves involved in a relationship with girls who are looking for commitment and serious relationships. Ugh, he sickened me so much.

I was pretty happy with tonight's episode as I kind of find myself wanting to purchase the calendar they shot for charity! Lol. Would I be a dork if I really did buy it? You can buy it here.


Rosie replaces Megan Fox.

Transformers will not be the same without Megan Fox. That's all I have to say.

Photo(s) Credit: Google Images

I'm too lazy to write so here's Just Jared's post on it:

Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will star as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in the upcoming Transformers 3, multiple sources EXCLUSIVELY confirm to JustJared.com.

How did Rosie get to replace Megan Fox?

Director Michael Bay is friends with Ed Razek, Chief Marketing Officer for Limited Brands, Victoria’s Secret parent. Sources reveal VS has even used Michael’s house to film commercials.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Michael and Rosie have worked together. Just last year, Ed tapped Michael to direct an action-packed Victoria’s Secret commercial starring British beauty Rosie and other VS angels.

You can watch the Bay-directed VS commercial below. Pictured here are Michael and Rosie from a behind-the-scenes shot from that commercial shoot!

Now I must say, this has to be the most intense and in-action Victoria's Secret commercial I've ever seen.

“Rosie started training for the Transformers role already,” the source adds. “She’s working hard.”

Looks like Heidi Montag’s audition tape was a failed attempt!

Ok, wtf was Heidi Montag thinking? Seriously though, kudos to her for having no shame or embarassment for all she has done and I'm sure she's enjoying all the attention and MONEY $ from all those Hermes Birkin she owns..

Photo Credit: Just Jared

I never cared for this Alexander McQueen Skull scarf but oh my, it sure is pretty in pink!


In Ron We Trust.

Not knowing what to name the title of this blog entry I just had to take it directly from the NBA website because Ron Artest literally did save the Lakers behinds tonight.

Photos via: NBA.com

One more game to go and we're onto the finals baby!

Next game: @ Phoenix Suns, May 29 8:30pm ET


c'mon LAkers.

One of my favorite and greatest teachers from high school (who is also an advisor for the Peer Counseling program) who I am very close to gave me this gift last year when the LA Lakers won the championship!

Of course, being a resident of Los Angeles and following daddy, I am a fan.

Today's game, the Lakers lost to the Suns

106 - 115

making it a tie 2-2 as of now.

C'mon Lakers, let's bring home another championship and so I can get another one of these t-shirts to represent! I really like this t-shirt, the shade of this purple is my favorite.


Paper bag and clogs.

Top: gifted, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Handbag: Alexander Wang, Rings: Forever21

Went out to dinner with dad's ex-girlfriend, her sister, and their parents. Oh, had a lovely conversation with the ex-girlfriend's sister's daughter who went to the same high school I did though. Anyways, I finally got to wear these amazing paper bag high waisted shorts I got a while ago at H&M and they go perfectly with my new clogs. I seriously can live in these clogs forever.. Jeffrey Campbell has NOTHING on them!

Coach Krystal.

Coach was my first designer handbag love. My first handbag was this beautiful all white hobo with beautiful shiny gold hardware which I have now handed down to my sister. (I will take a photo and post it when I get time!)

That was in the 8th.. or 9th grade so it's been about 5 years now. Since then and studying my Vogue magazines and discovering my love for the high end fashion brands I've managed to love Miu Miu (my first), Rebecca Minkoff (my obsession), Chanel (my dream), and Balenciaga (my other dream).

Well, I came across the Spanish Moss blog and while browsing through their entries I came across this beautiful photo of this fringey bag!
It's the KRYSTAL’S FRINGE SHOULDER BAG retailing for $498. You can order it now here. My eyes immediately spotted the signature Coach keychain and was in shock. I think an old flame just got relight!


Sure, the guy plays A-MAZING beats and music but c'mon, you got to admit, he's pretty damn sexy. And that accent of his is just a cherry on top!

Here are a few of my favorites out of the MANY of them.


black, black, + clogs.

plus these..

I've been meaning to update but I've been lazy but I will most certainly do an update on these beauties sometime this week, I am just beyond happy that I finally found them!!!

trader joe's.

dark chocolate > milk chocolate.

& it's better for you ; )

Lady Gaga's Studded Birkin.

I'm so sure that she probably had that custom made.

Ugh. F*cking gorgeous. Yes, it's that extravagant I had to use the F word.


Dress: AA, Velvet Blazer: thrifted, Lace tights: F21, Booties: Silence & Noise, Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff, Necklace: Guess