Kellan Lutz. le sigh.

After beginning my career in the fashion industry and having to styling celebrities and working at events that they attend, I was taught to maintain a professional manner. But even before then, I've never been a screaming female fan (okay, so I did go crazy for the Jonas Brother's when I was selected to be in their 2007 American Music Awards performance as one of the many screaming girl fans who ran down the aisle.) But moving on! It's so rare for me to go goo-goo-ga-ga for male celebrities but Kellan Lutz has been mesmerizing me with these interviews of his. I don't get shy when it comes to meeting guys but I bet my cheeks would get pink if I were to meet Kellan.

Image Source: Glamour Magazine

Just read these interviews and tell me this guy isn't just adorable and charming?

Kellan Lutz On What A Girl Should Wear On A Date (And The Answer Will Definitely Surprise You)

I ran into Twilight's Kellan Lutz last night at the William Rast after party (okay, the truth is I stared him down from across the room until I had enough champagne in me to finally make my approach!), and asked him, "What should a girl wear on a first date that would just totally wow you?" His answer was adorable, funny, and shockingly on-trend for fall 2010.

"Socks." He didn't even blink. "Socks?" I asked. "What do you mean, like, um, just socks?"

"Like, cute animal printed socks or something like that," he said. "Because nobody knows she's wearing them except her, and then she takes off her thigh high boots and has those bunny socks under there and it's just like oh man. It makes the mood lighter, it just gets you guys laughing. And then.." he gave me a mischievous little smile..."you see where it goes from there.

Source: Glamour Magazine

Why New Moon's Kellan Lutz Loves Winter Fashion

"The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her."

"Layers add excitement. I think, Once I take the sweater off and I'm able to touch her arms, how soft are they going to be?"

"When I'm in love with a woman, seeing her in something cozy makes me not want to let go of her when I'm holding her. "

"It's nice to see bits and pieces of a woman exposed. As a guy, you get that mystery — especially when a dress or top isn't too snug."

"Women are stunning in clothes that look like they were made for sitting outside a fire."

"I like a girl to wear oversize sweaters that look like my own — it's beyond sexy."

"Your eyes are automatically drawn to that bare part of her shredded jeans."

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine


dinysor said...

anna! the girl in the photoshoot with him in that article went to my school. SO JEALOUS

Lisa said...

aww thanks girl! :) If you have any questions about web stuff just IM me on AIM @ xtralalalisax or any other means of communications haha. I'll be glad help you out. And of course we can spend some time together! We need to arrange a time out of both our busy bee schedules :)