Jackass 3-D

D- // F
I really didn't want to watch it but baby sis insisted on wanting to, so I gave in.
Am the only one who doesn't find pathetic, poop, ridiculous, people in pain.. entertaining, but it was really unpleasant.
I left and came home with a headache.

Sis didn't want to show her face so all you get is to see her comfy pjs attire.
While, moi, was very excited to take Oatmeal Knit Sweater out!

Sweater: Kensie, Denim Short Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes: Deena & Ozzy, Handbag: Alexander Wang

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1) Be honest with me. Tell me your entire life story. Tell me all the bad things you've done. Tell me all the good things you've done. Tell me what you want to do in the future. Tell me everything.

2) Show me you're thinking of me. Text me every time you pick up your phone and is expecting a text or a call from me if I didn't. Flowers, old but never gets old.

3) Laugh with me. Make me laugh.

4) Have goals. Ambition. Hard work. You have to be a hard worker, someone who is doing something with their life. Someone who is not already accomplishing his goal but is making more goals after finishing the ones you've already created. Someone who can see his future and see me in it.

5) You have to love animals and children. If you don't, there's something wrong with you and we will certainly not get along so there's no way in hell you'll get to my heart.

6) You enjoy techno, jazz, and classical music. For some odd reason it's so hard for me to come across guys that like that type of music.

7) Feed me. Yes, it's that simple.

8) Brush my hair. Hug me when I wear big knit sweaters. Kiss me randomly when I least expect it and eat my left overs. (Does all this count as one?)

9) You get along with my best friends and my baby sister. My baby sister is more of a challenge but they're all pretty challenging.. so if you can do this you definitely get a chance!

10) You have one motive: that's looking for love. Nothing else.

A Black Beginning.


Rosie Huntington's Vest.

What a lovely vest with such an effortless outfit.

Images via Just Jared

Pink Blackberry Bold.

Ok. Never thought I'd fall into a BB but this one really hits the spot!


Once again I was suppose to go to the mall to "return" some things and I ended up leaving with more stuff..
This time I walked into Nordstroms and discovered a new designer!
Got this lovely Oatmeal Knit sweater perfect for the F/W!

ZARA, October LookBook.


October Lookbook
Catalogue Autumn Winter 2010


Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1) I'm stubborn and I always want to be right.

2) I'm understanding after I cool off my stubbornness though, I am capable of saying sorry.

3) I'm never really serious about losing weight or being self conscious.. even though I would like to lose a few pounds and get into shape, I'm confident with how my body is 99.9% of the time.

4) I am very hardworking. I will get what I want if I am capable of getting it.

5) I fall for boys that I see a future with.. if I don't, I don't get hurt as much.

6) I have a shopping addiction. I am a shopaholic. A real one. ..

7) I prefer to learn things the hard way.. I don't learn from given advice, I learn from making the mistake myself.

8) I don't want to give into drinking, drugs, or smoking. I know people say that eventually I will because I am still young but I find it special that I don't do those things.

9) I don't want to give into make up either. All I wish for is healthy clear skin.

10) I am a bitch. Sometimes.


All Black Monday.

When you can't find anything to wear, go all black.

I almost never wear black. I love color. The only time I started wearing black was when I began volunteering at events upon my schooling with FIDM. Almost every event requires volunteers and interns to be in all black attire. I slowly began to own pieces of black in my closet aside from the one and only black t-shirt that I had.

Now a days, the boss lady who loves wearing all black almost 98% of the time is beginning to rub off on me.. it looks great with gold, hides fat, and is effortless.

- - -

Went to the mall with mother today.

Went on a date in the evening..
1st time at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.
Donuts at Ralphs.
Lots of hugs & kisses.

- - -

The End.


Monster Massive Make-Up

Sis did such an amazing job on my make up tonight..
She did Linh's 20th Birthday make up and I noticed how beautifully done it was that night.
So I specifically asked for the same exact look.

Thanks sis!