4am, goodnight.

Here I am blogging at 4am at night? morning. What's wrong with me?! I need to get back into the habit of sleeping at or before 11pm, waking up at 6am, taking the baby sister to school, and going to the park for a morning run. Seriously, for the sake of my health & body image. Mother told me to buy a belly belt last night :(

I have an affair with the sky.

I haven't gotten a single driving ticket yet (woo hoo), however I've managed to be completely foolish with parking tickets. In the last 5 months I've had 5 I believe. Are there any positive opinions about the police? Really? Anyways, I think if I were to get a driving ticket, I'd be for the fact that I was distracted by the sky and that I am always taking photos of it and any other beautiful thing that catches my eye at the moment of speed.


Dear John.

I can't deny I'm a hopeless romantic, the only books I read are by Nicholas Sparks so when I found out "Dear John" was going to be on the big screen, I was excited alright!

Aids Awareness.

Spent two hours sitting on the coach with the baby sister going through pictures and some videos on this website called 9GAG which is a open to all place where users can post humorous or meaningful graphics.

We came across this aids awareness video from the UK and it was very nicely done, creative.. haha, see for yourself!


Rebecca Minkoff for Momoberry bka Hello Kitty.

I came across this article on The Purse Blog while cleaning out my email and decided I'd share with you! My favorite handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff did a collaboration with Momoberry back in 2007, way before she hit the jackpot. I don't think I missed out on much but if I were to choose one of these bags aside from the must have little pouch, I'd pick the black one. Which seems to be like a stonewash leather???

Isn't this pouch cute?! It's a must have for Hello Kitty & Rebecca Minkoff lovers!

Photo via The Purse Blog

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.

Brittany Murphy played the cutest nerdy chick on television, I will always remember her on Sister Sister! My fav!

Anyways, I found this video on her husband being interviewed on The Today Show talking about how she died from not being casted for Happy Feet 2 and other bullsh*t. Watch the video!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What do you think? Goodness, whatever she died from may she rest in peace.


You know you go to FIDM when.. .

Someone on Facebook invited me to join a group that was called "You know you go to FIDM.. ." so I thought I'd share the chuckles here.

More than half of these are true, whoever wrote it, you're a funny one!

You know you go to FIDM when every day's a fashion show for the students

You know you go to FIDM when your teachers cell phone rings more then yours & 90% of the time come to class later then you

You know you go to FIDM when you dont even bother checking out the guys that pass you by because you already assume their gay.

You know you go to FIDM when the security guys think thier FBI agents.

You know you go to FIDM when every other girl has a Louis Vuitton.

You know you go to FIDM when People who don't go to FIDM ask you about the show "THE HILLS" or about L.C and you have nothing but negative comments about her and the show.

You know you go to FIDM when you've had or love the wraps from FIDM cafe.

You know you go to FIDM when you've gone 24 hours without sleep because you were sewing.

You know you go to FIDM when all the USC guys love you because you go to FIDM.

You know you go to FIDM when you study in the annex and sit there the whole time waiting for a computer.

You know you go to FIDM when theres a million new quarter girls who swear they are destined to be in fashion because they wear the latest trends and "just totally love clothes" or "shopping".

You know you go to FIDM when half your class has dropped out after the first day of class.

You know you go to FIDM when there is a cat fight to get into the elevators.

You know you go to FIDM when you get checked out more from girls (not sexually) then you do guys on the street on your the way into FIDM

You know you go to FIDM when half of your friends are gay guys

More to be added! Hahah!

Dear Rain, Please Stay A Little Longer.

It's been pouring here in Los Angeles, it began on Monday and it hasn't stopped yet! Yesterday morning, this morning, waking up at 6am to take the baby sister to school wasn't hard for me at all because I love the rain! The texture of the dirty water and the sound when it hits the floor, it's beautiful. My favorite part? After dropping her off at school & coming back home & curling up into a ball in my bed + blankets :)

There was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell rain boots a while back that I saw on ShopNastyGal, they were at a very reasonable price too, a little bit over $100, I think they were $130 or so but I hesitated to get them because it rarely rains in Los Angeles, well.. I wish I had them today :(

Jeffrey Campbell 'Voom' Rain Boot

I think these are the ones! & if they are, SNG sure whooped up the price! They're all black, which is easy to work with when it comes to putting an outfit together. I'm really curious about the quality though.. we'll see since Nordstrom has an amazing return policy anyways.

For the past two days, I've been snuggling until 1pm which is crazy, I know. I still have not managed to make myself go to bed early because I am still sleeping around 2-4am and waking up past 1pm. Not only am I paying for this by getting these dark circles under my eyes but it's unhealthy for the body. This is a big goal for me to accomplish a.s.a.p because it's bad, bad, bad!

I also have a night class this quarter. It's not that bad actually, driving to school at 5pm is traffic free and so is driving back! Driving to class today was gorgeous, take a look. The sky is such a lovely piece of free art that people often don't appreciate. If mother nature was a person, I'd marry her.

I almost forgot!
Last night I did something amazing. Something I haven't done in a long time. Something that I had been wanting to do but has been too lazy to. I COOKED DINNER!

Sun-dried tomato, parsley & cream cheese ravioli.

Here are the ingredients if you want to try it!
  • 4 ripe vine-ripened tomatoes, finely chopped
  • chopped up sun dried tomatoes! (as many as you like)
  • 1/4 cup cut and shredded up parsley (you can use basil too!)
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 1 bs olive oil
  • 2 tbs balasmic vinegar
  • salt & freshly ground black pepper
Honestly, this dish doesn't have a lot of taste and it doesn't give your mouth a kick but it's the perfect light and healthy dinner. I added the sun-dried tomatoes just because I love having them in every pasta dish I make and that definietly added some more taste but if your not using sun dried tomatoes, it may be a bit plain for those who are use to eatting very cheesy and salty foods. I bought the raviolis from Costco and they come in a pack of 2, so this weekend I'll be making the other package. My sister loves alfredo sauce so I will be making that this weekend!


Coo coo for Alexander Wang's Coco Duffel.

After graduating high school & before I began at FIDM, I told my parents and most importantly, told myself, that all of my tuition at FIDM would be covered by me. I wanted to do it as a self accomplishment and to feel that feeling of actually "growing up". Due to this, recently I've been having to pay off some loans for school, resulting in my handbag collection to minimize. I've sold about 5+ of my Rebecca Minkoff handbags and though it hurts to see that I had to give up some of the rarest bags out there, I just told myself that I wasn't using them and I had to do what was best, for the bags and myself. Most of the bags are likely to be with members of The Purse Forum so they are being well carried and loved.

I've also been taking time off from visiting The Purse Forum (TPF) everyday. I slowly drifted away from my laptop and most TPFers would know that less visits to the forum helps with the temptations of wanting to BUY.

Until one day, I spotted this handbag on a model, on a fashion blog,

I was instantly mesmorized and immediately began Google-ing the bag.

Coco Duffel w/ Brass Studs

Here we have Mary-Kate Olsen toting the bag around. Celebrities such as Kritin Cavallari, Ashley Tisdale, and Rihanna also own one.

Studs, embellishments and sequins don't normally catch my attention and even with all of these being some of the recent trends, I still haven't seem to follow but this bag, WOW, it took my breathe away. I found the thread on The Purse Forum and stalked boutiques for it and finally got lucky and found one!

I told myself this was going to be my birthday and Christmas present to myself and so far, this bag is still satisfying my handbag hunger so goodness for that!

I guess I under estimated the wonders of studs. The over use of these stud foots that Alexander Wang created is not only an amazing piece of art but great for a bag because a handbag finishes an outfit and this bag does that exactly. You can pretty much carry it dressed up or down!

Since then I have been following AW and his recent collection has me speechless. Why didn't I ever notice him before, this boy is a genius!

Spring/Summer 2010

Combo Dress
Retails for $595 but it's currently on sale at ShopBop for $297.50!


Does the pattern on the top look like Scrabble or is it just me?

Safari Double Breasted Dress with Wrap Belt


I love this one. I watched the entire collection and AW said he was inspired by uniforms that he wore back when he went to school in China. Many of the pieces from the collection consisted of very neutral colors like beige, tan, orange, and red.

& last but not least,

Antik Denim Leather Donna Hobo


AW is the ONLY designer who I found to love zippers being done on a handbag!


I'm back.

It's been exactly about one year since I've written here, sigh. I remember back in middle/high school, I'd run straight to my room, turn on the computer and blog about my day. I use to blog every day on my Xanga which I deleted anyways and now I wish I hadn't because it'd be so much fun to read :(

Anywho, the girlfriend and I went to Together As One this year again for New Years and it wasn't as good as our first/last one but we had a good time. Here's a last+this year picture side by side.

Together As One

Great. I wrote about 3 paragraphs prior to how school was in 2oo9 and BlogSpot deletes it because of an HTML error?!!?! -Sigh-