The Daily Love.

I'm very much into "tweeting" so whenever there's breaking news or a new comer in the Twitter world, I'm pretty much aware. You can follow me @ www.twitter.com/annaversary

So basically that's how I found The Daily Love. www.thedailylove.com was created by Mastin Kipp & if you sign up for the daily email, you wake up to an email filled with inspirational quotes not only related to love but living a happy life & being life lover.

Here's one of Mastin's poems that I really love and I want to share with you all.


By Mastin Kipp

Listen closely and silence the resistance and doubt of your mind if you want to hear Me
I am the calm beneath the chaos of your mind
And speak only in whispers

Let go and feel with all your heart if you want to touch Me
I cannot feel you
If you are afraid to feel me

See Me in the most unfavorable of circumstances
I do not show myself
Where you already feel comfort

Stop and smell how beautiful life is in every circumstance
My fragrance can only please you
If you are looking for it

Taste Me even when you have nothing to eat
For I alone can sustain you
Through whatever may come

Look off the beaten path to find me
For I do not dwell in the terrain that is already known

I am the subtle behind the obvious
And the peace beyond the chaos
I am the bringer of all things
And the doer of all deeds
I am the wind at your back
And the light of your soul
I am the love that's within you
And the love that's trying to find you

I'll give you all your hearts desire
All you have to do
Is let me in
Be brave and see what happens
I'll be waiting for you to begin

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