Academy Awards "Oscars" 2011


All of my favorites from the night. Majority of fashion experts and "professionals" may disagree with my opinion about Helena Boham but any female who's willing to go against the trend and be herself in Hollywood is a shining star in my eye. Love her for being her! I also heard she doesn't have a stylist so I really give her a lot of credit.

Zara Inspired Clogs by ASOS


The one by Zara has already been sold out for a long time but hey, here's your alternative. (Or you can always try eBay..)

Miss KG Peppermint Platform Clog Sandals

Los Angeles After The Rain

Rainbow Fingertips

ASOS Shoes Wishlist

From left to right,
1) ASOS TRAGEDY Leather And Stingray Wedge Shoe Boots
2) ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoe
3) KG By Kurt Geiger Eveline Flower Detail Platform Court
4) ASOS SHAM Block Heel Brogue Shoes
5) ASOS KATE Leather Long Leg Zip Buckle Pull On Boots
6) Miss KG Lychee Flat Ballet Pumps
7) ASOS AMES Suede Ankle Boots
8) ASOS TASK Open Back Lace Up Shoe Boot
9) French Connection Jules Chunky Platform Heeled Sandals
10) ASOS AMES Suede Ankle Boots
11) ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoe
12) River Island Safina Ankle Cowboy Boot
13) Diesel Highnoon Over The Knee Boots
14) River Island Gertie Platform Ankle Boots
15) Finsk Wooden Wedge Ankle Boot
16) ASOS MORTON Leather Lace Up Shoe
17) ASOS HAVEN Block Heel Platform Sandals
18) Elizabeth And James Sawyer Wedge
19) Timberland Lucille Tall Lace Up Flat Boot
20) Seychelles True Story boot


Bad Girl With A Good Heart

1) Whenever I wake up in the morning my mind tells me I "want" a big breakfast but my tummy actually doesn't. When I wake up is when my body is at it's best shape. My tummy is tight and I'd really be alright if I didn't eat. (I almost never ate breakfast back in middle+high school. But since that one cup of sample at Costco I've constantly been buying a box of these Silk Chocolate Soymilk and they are the perfect breakfast. 150 calories in a box. They're really delicious, if you haven't tried one you must!

2) Although I only have classes on Wednesdays, I go to school on Thursdays too to attend lab which is used for catching up or getting ahead in class. In my case, catching up since all of FIDM's textile/fabric classes kicks my a**.

3) Before I went to lab today I had some errands to run for work. We're a part of SHOP RUMOR.com now so check it out!

4) The American Apparel warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

5) An important note to myself.. I cannot wait to graduate!!!

6) An interesting wall I came across when I was going home..

7) A scale used to weigh fabrics..

8) Haven't had Subway for some time now so I decided to make it my lunch today. They had this poster featuring a new cookie, White Chip Raspberry. Two words, deadly delicious.

9) Picked up my sister from school and on our way home I drove past a girl who crashed her car into the sidewalk of the freeway entrance. I noticed that she was struggling in her car so I stopped in the middle of the street, immediately and went to her and carried her out of her car. I later called 911 and waited with her till the ambulance and police arrived. I was really shocked by how some people can be so ridiculously ride. This one lady screamed "are you kidding" out of her car as if she was in an emergency. If I was in a video game and had a gun, yes, I would of shot her. Seriously, I cannot believe how sick some people can be.. Anyways, I gave the girl/woman, not sure how old she was but she thanked me for helping her out and is wanting to take me out for food. No need, I was just very happy she was alright and I was able to lend a helping hand. Oh, I also got completely speechless when this hot firefighter acknowledged me for what I did. Literally, speechless. I ended up saying this "oh, just doing my job, hehe". Yes, I 'hehe-d' at him. Nice job Anna.. no, but really, I was happy I was able to do a good deed. I couldn't have driven off without helping her out.

10) Finally came home, unwrapped my sandwich, and caught up on this week's episode of "The Bachelor" that I missed. I am on Team Chantel.

Oh, I also finally colored my nails that have been naked for a good two weeks. Red is a classic but with Spring/Summer arriving, my favorite bottle of Sea Green had to make a come back!

Metal Metallic Nails

I've been completely obsessed with these nails. Celebrities have been sporting them but it was Tommy Ton's photos from Fashion Week that really made me go on the hunt for it.

I did some research and it wasn't an exact nail polish color. They're actually "nail foils". You can look it up on YouTube because people have done tutorials on them.

As for my trip to several nail salons and stores, none of them carried these nail foils and the company that's responsible for this amazing nail art, MINX does not sell it to individuals like myself because they require a license.

However, being the little Google-r I am, there are people selling it off eCrater (silver & gold) and eBay :)

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Visits The Doc

(Celebrity Gossip)

Dressing for Spring, starring Alexa Chung


Bob Sinclar - Kiss My Eyes

When I'm driving I almost never listen to the radio. Instead, I use Slacker Radio and I'm always on one of these following stations: Trance, Dance or Disco. This song happened to play and I was completly in love with it so I searched it up on YouTube. The music video is fantastic and totally does the song justice. This is how I would love to dance with a man.


Wicked Wedges

Diane von Furstenberg
Opal linen wedge sandals