New Year. Same Resolutions

H&M Blouse and Pants, ZARA Blazer and Shoes, Rebecca Minkoff handbag

2013. It's a new year, another 12 months, and 365 days. It seemed like it was just yesterday when my BFF moved away, I met a new group of friends at the club on NYE, and seeing someone I never thought I'd see again.

I really can't believe another year has passed and I wished I could look back at each month to see what happened but that's what Facebook's for right?

Anyways, one of my resolutions for years now has been to keep a blog running, I remember back in the day (does anyone remember Xanga?) I would literally blog, every, single, day. It's harder now that I work full time and all but it's no excuse because so many of you out there are able to do it! I hope that I can keep this going this year.

Here's to a new beginning and adventures. Cheers!

P.s. Wore this outfit to the AT&T store with mom to renew our contracts. I've been holding back from the iPhone 5 but since mom insisted I try one out, well, my beloved 4S is now with my sister. I am now a happy iPhone 5 owner!



Be Back Later...


Isabel Marant


I have a deep love for Pocahontas, indian inspired, bohemian and African things. My eyes are attracted to anything and everything tribal/aztec-y and these Isabel Marant bottoms aren't an exception.



I've been to Korean Barbeque before but this new place that the bff had been dying to take me to blow every other place out of this world!

Castle BBQ in LA (near Koreatown) is all you can eat, that's right, ALL YOU CAN EAT! If you're like me, extremely fat and asian you'll most likely leave the restaurant unable to move and not hungry for the next couple of days..

I took my parents and my sister here last night. I think I should stop for a while..



Instagram has become my only pick for a photography app. I prefer it over the default 'camera' app. Addicted?

On another note, the BFF is coming back from Seattle, WA today and I'm (as always) excited to have her back :) It's funny how you miss someone so much when they're gone because you're use to seeing them so much and when they're not around it's the most empty feeling.