Isabel Marant


I have a deep love for Pocahontas, indian inspired, bohemian and African things. My eyes are attracted to anything and everything tribal/aztec-y and these Isabel Marant bottoms aren't an exception.



I've been to Korean Barbeque before but this new place that the bff had been dying to take me to blow every other place out of this world!

Castle BBQ in LA (near Koreatown) is all you can eat, that's right, ALL YOU CAN EAT! If you're like me, extremely fat and asian you'll most likely leave the restaurant unable to move and not hungry for the next couple of days..

I took my parents and my sister here last night. I think I should stop for a while..



Instagram has become my only pick for a photography app. I prefer it over the default 'camera' app. Addicted?

On another note, the BFF is coming back from Seattle, WA today and I'm (as always) excited to have her back :) It's funny how you miss someone so much when they're gone because you're use to seeing them so much and when they're not around it's the most empty feeling.



(Cotton On top, Forever 21 faux leather shorts, unknown tights, Jessica Simpson shoes, ZARA handbag, H&M choker, mixture of bracelets from many places)

My first Monday dim sum luncheon with my parents in the last two months. We don't go to Ocean Star much as Top Island is our home so it was a good change.

I've been really into the cream + black two tone mix of colors. I have a new pair of flats that are in that combo too. Will try to do a post on them soon :)

Monday Morning with Meeko

Just a few photos of our Monday Morning walk through instagram :)


Photos from Monday

1) A very fancy card advertising CHANEL's No5 fragrance.
2) My OOTD, new faux fur vest from Forever21 :)
3) My monthly reads + a clip from an inspiring Marie Claire mini mag.
4) Took my parents out to dinner :)


I Quit!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 around 1 o' clock PM. Location.. Santa Monica, California.

This weekend would've marked two months of me being at this job. I had been waking up at 6am and getting home around 8pm. I had a commute of four hours to and back from work, daily, in the horrifying Los Angeles traffic, including several times of almost getting into a car accident because I was lacking sleep though I had been good about getting into my bed before midnight. I worked a total of 100+ hours a week, 7 days a week. Sometimes I would go through the day not eating because it was too busy in the office.. I wasn't afraid to ask my (ex) boss but because I felt it wasn't worth asking because before anyone could ask, she would suggest either grabbing something to eat on the way to another destination or just simply not asking everyone if we were hungry.

I took on this job because it was a referral from someone I had been working with for years. Someone I considered more than someone I worked for but someone who had become a friend. But, they didn't know my boss from hell very well so they had no idea what they were getting me into. Forgiven, I don't think either of us knew or saw this happening.

My first week at the job consisted of me just basically sitting back and observing what she did. I was training to become.. her. I had taught myself many things through out my lifetime so I didn't take this job as a challenge. I had done event planning for almost three years now so this wasn't going to be hard. Sure, it was more based on decor but it doesn't take a genius to do so. Just a creative mind and someone who's willing to help a client in need.

My (ex) boss wanted days off because her last assistant planner had left and she was now left coming into the office every day. I was never "taught" to do anything specifically and I basically taught myself to do everything I did up till today, the day I walked out.

I'm an extremely easy going and personable person. I can almost build up a conversation with anyone, anywhere at anytime. I rarely find it tough to get to know someone unless they prefer to be reserved. My (ex) boss was not reserved though, she was just plain bitter and not someone I would consider to be easily approached. (Which explains why she's still single with no kids. This may seem like a bit of a mean thing to mention but it's true. Her only friend would be her psychic who she goes to with job applications asking which ones would be a good fit to choose to hire. Can you say psycho?) I wouldn't even bother making small talk because she never cared to ask how I was doing or how my weekend went so I never bothered to either.

Day after day I took all the sh*t she would give me. From my minor mistakes to forcing me to yell at our vendors. Not only that, but she wasn't fond of helping our "older" clients or clients with "little money". I'm not surprised we're such poorly rated on yelp.com because all the reviews are written towards describing her.

Today was the day I had been waiting for to arrive. I was finally able to release all of my emotions and feelings that had been bottling up for the past 8 weeks that I had been there. How dare she claim to have me still on "trail' which she calls "training" but we all call "an excuse to keep someone hanging until someone else better came along". I was not going to have her treat me like another one of her "trainees". I witnessed and saw how she treated people and the signs she would give as she came to a decision of someone not being kept at the office.

Today was just suppose to be another regular day.. another day added onto the almost two months.. but not till 1pm stroke. "Anna, I'm going to have you go home. I'm also giving you Wednesday and Thursday off. But I need you Friday." --- whattttttttttttttt b****??? I am not going to let you hang me on a string and pull whenever you'd like. I worked my a** off for you and for your business and developed some friendships with clients that were promised to return to you. You are not going to innocently let me go without telling me and have me come in when the rest of the office is on Thanksgiving leave. Even if you didn't think about getting rid of me I refuse to let you treat me this way.

I'm so glad I chose to go back in and set her straight. I'm proud that I stood up for myself for the first time in my working life. I've let so many people use me and take advantage of me and if I am to take one thing that I learned from this experience and job it would be that I have realized my self worth. The number that marks my existence may be little but my work experience, heart, and honesty is much bigger than a number. She deserved every single word that I said to her right in her face and though I am not the first to have done so, I am just glad I got to get everything off of my chest and tonight, I can sleep peacefully knowing that tomorrow I will not have to see such a horrible person in the morning.

Today marks the first job that I've quit. Today also marks the day I grew an inch taller, that inch being invisible but in the inside I have grown taller and stronger as a person and will not be treated poorly by anyone of any class because I am worth much more than those with money and no heart.


The Old Is Beautiful


As a lover of all vintage things, these old, used and worn out bottles make the perfect baby flower vases..

Four Hours On The Road

So this week will officially be Week #3 at my new job. I am enjoying my time at this new company as the pay as really, really good but I'm still seeking another because it isn't where I want to be. Though it's still revolved around the industry I want to be in (not necessarily fashion, more of entertainment) I am not 100%.. happy.

One of the reasons stopping me from happiness would have to do with the four hours I spend in Los Angeles traffic in the morning and in the evening. For the past 2 weeks I have been waking up at 6:00am, dropping my sister off at school and on the freeway I go.. I get to work at exactly 8:45am to get to my office at 9:00am. I get off at 6:00pm and I get home around 8:00pm..

I've been thinking about possibly seeking a job outside of LA because driving in four hours every day seriously drains the hell out of me.

On another note, the moon was extremely beautiful this week.. super big and shiny and worked as a mood brightener for me while driving home..

Update about a minute later..
I didn't realize I had already semi-ranted about my new job :) Sorry Stace and Kiwi, thanks for reading though!! xo


Another Updating Entry

Since I started this new job.. I have not had a single moment just for myself. Though I must say I do enjoy my daily four, yes, 4! hours of sitting by myself.. in my car.. in traffic doing self reflections or swinging my head and body to rock and alternative music. (Sarcasm) I have literally been following this schedule:

Wake up at 5:50am.. lay in bed and get up at exactly 6:00am
Get ready, brush up and be in the car by 6:40am
Take sister to school and walk Meeko around the block.. get back to the house at 7:00am..
Drop Meeko back at home and get on the freeway by 7:15am..
7:15am-8:45am.. driving to work.. sitting in horrendous Los Angeles traffic..
9:00am, get into the office and begin my day
I don't have any exact lunch break so it's pretty much whenever..
I get off at exactly 6:00 or 6:30pm..
Get on the freeway by.. 6:45pm.. sit in traffic for another 2 hours..
Get home around 7:50-8:00pm..
Whip up dinner and turn on the television.. 8:00-9:00pm..
Clean up.. shower.. yaddayada.. 9:00-10:00pm
Lay in bed and play with my iPhone 10:00pm-11:00pm
Sleep.. at exactly 11:00pm

There just isn't enough time to even turn my computer on and letting my emails load.. let alone update my blog :(

I'm hoping to make at least one day of my weekend my internet day because I miss my computer.. my blog.. and iMovie.

I hope whoever reads this have been well and thanks for stopping by!


Alright Alright Alrighttttttt

What a night..

We picked up Kevin Hart's new movie "Laugh At My Pain" premiere after party held at the Pacific Design Center last minute. We were already slammed for Fashion Night Out but we were convinced we'd be able to pull this off (which we did.. along with a handfull of headaches and drama).

I didn't do much since I do not drink but I was in good company of my sister who's a big fan of Kevin Hart's. We had an opportunity to go smoke with Snoop Dogg which my sister gladly accepted but I helped rejected. Danielle who recently turned 21 still got carded at the bar and I currently have Kevin's personal photographer who's blowing up my phone because the man thinks I'm 5 years older than what I really am..

I almost always wear all black to events related to work, Forever21 dress, Nine West wedges, Lauren Merkin clutch.

Metal Heels

TOPSHOP ABSINTHE Metal Heel High Boots


The Power Of The Sun

A beautiful shot of the sky when I was going East bound that day during the evening..

LF Fall 2011 LookBook

Only in California you would be able to wear this kind of stuff in the Fall and Winter..


Cover Up Dress

H&M beach cover up dress, ZARA wedges

This outfit isn't current. I wore it to one of my cousin's birthday last month and never got around the posting them. I had gotten this dress from H&M wayyyyy back in the summer but never got the chance to wear it (or forgot about it) because I found it hidden in the back of my closet with it's tags still on it. Decided to finally take it out for a spin worn with an American Apparel tube dress under.

Can you believe these photos were taken by a 9 y/o btw :)

Thx Erica!


Velvet Burnout & Bell Sleeves

Loved every bit of this top except for it's price tag..

Available at your local Forever21 or online, I didn't check but it should be in stores :)


Part II 9.18.11 "Grocery Shoppin'"

Continuing my hunt on left overs of the Missoni x Target collection, I decided to make another stop at the Target in Pasadena to see if they restocked yet. Sadly, no but I could never step foot into Target without making a full circle of the store.

P.s. Please save trees and refrain from using paper towels, the XLERATOR has to be my favorite air drying machine of all machines. It's the strongest and shortest and dries your hands spotless.

Sundays are normally "sister shopping day". If I'm doing well then I'd take her shopping for clothes but still, in this economy even if we can afford to go shopping every weekend we shouldn't, saving $ is a new thing I'm trying out. Grocery shopping however, is something we all cannot cut out from our lives though, it's a necessity so therefore Sundays are always grocery shopping day where I take my sister to fill up the kitchen with what she wants to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week.

Livingsocial had a coupon where you spend $10 and you get $20 worth of groceries or whatever you want @ Whole Foods, so we stopped by Whole Foods after Target.

P.s.s. Please stop using plastic bags and buy a reusable grocery bag for $.99 :)

And before we headed home, we made one more stop at another one of our favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe's! (Their seafood snack is to die for, I've been so obsessed with them!!!)