Quick Stop @ Pasadena Thrift Store

H&M Romper, Lauren Conrad heels

Stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores today in Pasadena while making a Target run with my sister. Came across this beautiful dress that I would've loved to own if I had a purpose to wear it for and a bottle of buttons which also didn't seem to be convincing to my sister about it being useful to me..

Alcove Café & Bakery

I do not keep in contact with many people whom I went to high school with. Simply because many of them are away for school, doing different things, and too busy. But there's a phrase that puts all of those excuses into the dumpster.

"People make time for things & people they want in their lives, please don't be fooled by 'I don't have time'." -- MAC

It meant the world to be when one of my best girlfriend, Christy, who I met back in high school (freshman year) attended my graduation at FIDM. We don't talk daily and text here and there but when we get together it's just like how it was 4-5 years ago. I was really happy that we were both fortunate enough to find time out of our busy schedules to get together.

We went to Los Feliz to this adorable cafe called the Alcove Café & Bakery. Christy's also a heavy yelp-er like I am so I'm glad that we both don't have any issues with picking a place to eat or hang out at whenever we do get together. Every time we do, it's always somewhere new so it's exciting. I haven't written a review for Alcove yet but my salad was 4.5 stars which means I will definitely be returning.


Don't Judge

what you don't know, or in this case, what you haven't read.

Picked up the first 3 books of the "Twilight Saga" at the library today. I was originally going to read up on the Harry Potter series but they didn't have book one so how was I going to make that happen so instead, I picked these up and I have to admit, so far so good..


Another Hat!

My hat collection is getting quite big..

Thrifting Tuesday

Went thrifting with my sister after a delicious Thai lunch yesterday. Found a total of 4 items that I would of loved to get but since my sister was buying, I left with 2 items, the bicycle blouse and sweater :)

I would of gotten the denim shirt too but there was a really disgusting yellow urine-like stain on one of the pockets, ew.

I can't wait for F/W to come now, the sweater is so beautiful! I also need some red shorts or pants because that's what I picture with the blouse.

Chan Luu Knit Shorts

Free People
Chan Luu Cable Knit Viscose Shorts

Available here & here.



Strolled into "American Vintage" and took a look around. They had an amazing collection of high waisted destroyed LEVI's and cowboy boots. Prices here range from $20-$40 so if you ask me, it's not actually considered "thrifting" but hey, not everyone has the patience to dig through boxes of dusty and smelly used stuff right? I personally enjoy that experience..

(H&M top, hat, Brandy Melville lace tube bra, Forever21 shorts, bag, Havianas flip flops)

Today was a very stressful day. Everything and everyone seemed to annoy or irritate me. I don't blame anyone but myself. Times like this I wish I could just curl up in a ball. Unlucky for me, I had a job interview and errands to run. Lucky for me, I have the best little sister in the world.

No One Else.. is awake at this time!

Kidnap Kid - No One Else

Spent the past 3 hours recording/editing/uploading a video, playing with Photo Booth and listening to music on YouTube, came across this track that is bound to be on repeat for the rest of the week.


Girls Of Outside Lands Festival

(freepeople blog)

August 12-14

Ten Inches Of Love

I think it's been about a month already since I cut my hair :) Sorry for the delayed post but I did blog with pictures of my new do day of just didn't get the time to post these photos up though. I cannot explain how much of an amazing feeling it is to have ten inches taken off my shoulders, literally.