on the wings of love.

The very first television show with the idea of bringing one main character in the search for love was "The Bachelor" on ABC. (Now they have VH1 and MTV creating all these ridiculous shows featuring girls like Tila Tequila and some hideous buff dude named Mario?) Anyways, I'm a hopeless romantic and whether it's a book or a television show, I will be interested! I never tuned in to watch the first season of "The Bachelor" and I did watch a few episodes of "The Bachelorette" that featured Trista Sutter who was the second runner up from the first season. Although I was aware of what was going on with the show and Trista did end up with a happy ending. (According to Wikipedia.com, the only successful story in Bachelor & Bachelorette history.) Since I've started school and work, I've been disconnected with television and rarely find time to even sit on the coach.

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This season of The Bachelor however, has me speeding back home from my night class to watch. First and foremost, this season's bachelor Jake Pavelka is just so sexy, adorable, and kind. Watching him on television just makes me wish i was much older so that I could compete on the show and fall in love with him! Which is EXACTLY why so many viewers requested him to be "The Bachelor". He was actually on the previous season of "The Bachelorette" and was like the 5th or 6th runner up. Women (of course) I am assuming, who watches the show actually requested for him to be the next person to have a chance at finding love. So I've been watching every Monday since the show has started and when I don't, thank goodness for the full episodes on ABC.com.

A bit about Mr. Pavelka? According to US magazine & a high school friend, Jake pretty much seems like the quiet Mr. Nice guy who probably didn't attend wild college life parties or take part in any fraternities. He's a pilot, so you can see where they got the catch phrase for this season's show. "On the Wings of Love", I like it.

Pavelka (in a yearbook shot) "was quiet," says classmate Kelly Zoltner.

In high school, Pavelka "didn't really date," Zoltner tells Us.

"He was really into lifting weights in high school," Fickey says of Pavelka. "He was always a good guy. He never drank beer or smoked cigarettes."

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I could never imagine being on a dating show. Dating one guy and having to keep his attention on you is hard enough. But when you have 20 other women aside from yourself, it only makes it a million times harder. Then there are the eliminations that makes your heart drop rock bottom when your name isn't the one called. But the most hurtful of all has to be when you are one of the bottom 3-5 contestants. By then most of us have already fallen in love with the bachelor/bachelorette so you basically put your entire life on pause in hopes of getting rewarded and instead you get this "experience" and a broken heart.

A swimsuit model from NY, once posed for Maxim Magazine after her break up with a well known baseball? player.

She's actually an admissions advisor at FIDM OC!

Your average evil blonde chick!

So here we have the final 3 woman.
(UPDATE, it's now down to Tenley & Vivenna)

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Watching the most recent episode where the 3 girls (Tenley, Gia, & Vivenna) are left and Gia was the one who left, it made me realize that (this doesn't only apply to girls) but it's most hurtful and devastating when we find ourselves falling in love with that person and seeing a future with that person. That is when it hurts most because you have this picture perfect ending where you hope to get to but you don't, that is when the door to our hearts shut and has to be pulled back open again in hopes of someone entering it and staying in it.

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