Ready, set, FIDM!

I started school on Thursday. I felt like a grown girl the moment I woke up! I never woke up so early before. I woke up at 6am to get ready, picked up Chris and Kien at 6:45am, and headed for the freeway by 7am. Made it to school around 7:30am and we were searching for our classrooms. Found it and started our first day at school!

I made friends in every class. However, not to be stereotypical but many of the "girls" in my classes didn't get my humor... pretty sad because I use to be the clown in high school :(

Oh well, cut to the chace, pictures for you picture people!

Day 1 (Tuesday)
Day 22 (Wednesday)

First day of school.

The view from the 5th floor.

Kien walking back from the Annex building across the street.
He just got off sewing class.

I went home and found a surprise waiting for me. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in Nickel. What a great present after my first day of school!

How does Chris look modeling my pink FIDM sweater & my new handbag, haha!


Not one, not two, but FOUR new born pups!

On July 1, 2008 while I was driving home from the doctors with my mother and my younger sister in my car, my boyfriend gives me a call and tells me our dog Lily is giving birth to her 2nd liter of puppies. I drop off mom at home and my sister comes with me, I drive like a maniac to my boyfriend's house and by the end of the night... four new born puppies are welcomed to us!

Nighty night.

They open their eyes and ears in about 2-3 weeks and from then on, they grow really quickly. Updates will be posted!


bags, bags, bags & more bags.

It's time for an update! Well, more like my first post. My most beloved and firts designer handbag, the MIU MIU bow satchel in the gorgeous color Alluminio, has recently gone through another accident.

Look how beautiful SHE WAS. I really hate MIU MIU for their poor quality on such a beautiful handbag. Ughhhh. I'm so sad.

While shopping with Christopher at Pasadena, I entered the fitting rooms not only to find that I loved everything I tried on, but that the "M" on my MIU MIU logo had fallen off my handbag.

Okay, for a handbag that cost me about a week of tuition @ FIDM, this really sucks!!!!!!!

I'm debating wether I want to send it in for repairs or just return the bag, after all... I did pre-order a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in the color Wine and a Morning After Bag in Nickel (Pink), I'm so bad.


Rebecca Minkoff "Nikki" Hobo Bag in the color WINE

And my RM Morning After Bag in Nickel. I love this shade of pink! It's my favorite color yet, I didn't have a handbag in pink so how could I have resisted?

So there's my life update as a bagholic, I seriously live on The Purse Forum now a days..

Well, besides handbags, I am a full time girlfriend and older sister. I wake up every morning at 7am to take my little sister Jennie to summer school at the high school I just graduated from, WOO! But because I am so supportive and involved with my sister's life, I'll be living at that high school for another four years. My dear boyfriend Vincent, works from 9am-12pm, tutoring kids at another elementary school, and when he gets off from work, we usually grab lunch together. I pick up my sister at 1pm and take her home, and after she comes home, she rests for a bit and I again, give her another ride to San Gabriel High School for her volleyball practice. So I've been putting ALOT of milege on my new car. My parents got me a brand new white Scion XB for my graduation present and because they were afraid of me driving a "used" car all the way to downtown LA. Let me show you a few pictures:

And did I mention I drove to Pasadena for shopping like 3 times in a row? Yikes! AND, I bought these really cute sneakers from Nordstroms. They were on sale too! I really have to prevent myself from all these sales!!! Lucky for me, I resisted myself from that LA Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

And I also finally recieved my FIDM student ID card! But that's a picture of the temporary one, I haven't uploaded the official ID with my bad hair picture on it yet, hhe.


Hello BlogSpot.

I've caught onto the fact that everyone has a blogspot and it's a well known blog for fashion blogs so I just had to hop on board.

There's so much to do as for my layout, I've always been on Xanga, until they added so many functions, then it just got annoying. So I have decided to move HERE!