My First Real Meal In a Week

Vintage cardigan // Olive & Olivia tank top // Cali leggings // Chinese Laundry Boots // RUEHL handbag // F21 & H&M jewelry

It's April 1st - 2:20am and I am so excited because I filmed another outfit of the day video inside a dressing room again, ahah! Here are a few sneak peek photos for anyone who happens to care about this blog :)

Stay tuned for more photos and the video! Goodnight! xo

It's April 3, 2010 and I finally just finished retouching and editing the photos.

Basically, my evening went a little something like this.. my sister had a fundraiser for her club Amor Amici at The Pasadena Ice Skating Rink and I had to drop her off. I had just recovered from food poisoning so I didn't feel like being on ice or around people. However, I did feel like being around clothes so after dropping her and her friends off I drove myself over to Old Town Pasadena to the H&M and killed time there. We had In N Out burger for dinner. I've been eating nothing but bread and poorige so that first taste of my bread-less burger was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Mama Loves Meeko

My baby turns 1 on May 2, 2011 :)

I just find it so damn cute when he sits like this!

Alexander Wang Rocco in Brick

The Purse Forum


Bread, bread, and more bread

According to the doctor, I'm only allowed to eat all things "bland" but fish and meat is okay too. He also suggested that I eat mainly bread and water. Pineapple and coconut bread was probably not what he meant but I couldn't help but do several bread runs with my sister today searching for my favorite, coconut bread.

Tai Pan Bakery > Kee Wah Bakery > Desir Bakery

I'm not suppose to eat dairy but these breads contain milk.. does that count?

I've taken my medications about 4x now, my abdominal pains aren't as painful.. I am crossing my fingers and toes to a fast recovery because the sun was shining so beautifully today..


After many searches on Google.com using the keywords "food poisoning" and "stomach flu" I am 99.9% sure that the exact name for the illness that I have been suffering from is called "Gastroenteritis". What is it exactly you ask? Well, according to Wikipedia..

Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach flu, stomach virus, although unrelated to influenza) is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, involving both the stomach and the small intestine and resulting in acute diarrhea and vomiting. It can be transferred by contact with contaminated food and water. The inflammation is caused most often by an infection from certain viruses or less often by bacteria, their toxins (e.g. SEB), parasites, or an adverse reaction to something in the diet or medication.

I am also 99.9% positive that it was from the order of spicy chicken nuggets that I had consumed last Thursday from Wendy's. *Cries* Why didn't I just eat a bag of ramen at home.. why?! I almost NEVER eat fast food unless it's really called for and last Thursday was a food emergency because the fridge was in need of another grocery shopping trip and the only thing left in there that was closely considered were frozen dumplings.. which I had the night before so I didn't want to have it again for breakfast/lunch. But then again, there was ramen but Wendy's was just so much more conventient since my sister wanted to go to do homework at our favorite coffee shop which was right next to Wendy's..

Anyways, it's currently 2:14am and I just finished eating a bowl of all white porridge (just the way I like it anyways) and a quarter of a wife cookie. I'm waiting for 3:30am to arrive so I can take my second dose of my pills. Mom took me to the doctor's yesterday after I woke up and experienced my first bloody stool. Now, if you're wondering what a bloody stool is.. well, it's simple, just break down both words and there you have it.. but I'll let Wikipedia once again explain it for me..

Dysentery (formerly known as flux or the bloody flux) is an inflammatory disorder of the intestine, especially of the colon, that results in severe diarrhea containing mucus and/or blood in the faeces with fever and abdominal pain. If left untreated, dysentery can be fatal.

I was pretty scared when I sat up from my toilet seat and saw what I saw.. I immediately called my mom and woke her up and prepared some Asian medicine for me (as usual) as well as setting up a doctor's appointment. The trip to the doctor's was a bit more reassuring to be less worried because apparently the stomach flu has been going around and I'm not going to die so I got prescribed 3 different medications to take and hopefully it will go away by the end of this week.

To end this post I will share with some of the symptoms of Gastroenteritis and I've put all of mine in bold:
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Abnormal flatulence
  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloody stools
  • Fainting and Weakness
  • Heartburn
So yea, that pretty much sums this entry up.. I just wanted to share with everyone who reads this to remember to avoid eating fast food, always wash your hands before you eat, and make sure who ever & where ever is offering you food that they're a clean person or place. You never know.. after all, this is my first time experiencing this and I never want this to happen to me ever again or anyone else. These sharp abdominal pains are seriously p-a-i-n-f-u-l!


True West


Marie Claire
April 2011

I signed up for a free year of Marie Claire somewhere (sorry! I don't remember where to share with you!) and so all the issues I get goes into our guest restroom. Well, I happen to pick one up yesterday during one of my restroom runs and I came across this editorial that's flooded with turquoise goodness. Mmm, my fav.

Weekly Inspirations 3.20-3.27

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What's the Opposite of Buyer's Remorse?

I was about to title this post "Burning Buyer's Remorse" until I did a dictionary check and it actually defines a buyer's regret after they buy something. I wish I had money to buy this fur coat by Burning Torch. I first saw it at Nordstroms and literally died when I tried it on. Lucky for my wallet, it was a size large so I didn't exactly feel comfortable spending about 4 bills on a coat that wasn't perfectly my size. Anyways, if you have the money and you're a size L and is looking for a nice fur coat, this is the one!

Available on sale at ShopBop right now for $336!

I'm Never Eating Chicken Nuggets Again

1) Asian medicine that mom & dad advised me to take..
2) Playing with the 'Hipstamic' app in bed. Me, in pain & the only beauty product that I am willing to spend $$$ on, "All About The Eyes" by Clinic for under eye dark circles and etc..
3) The super comfy, cuddly and snuggly cardigan that I got from F21 for $8.99
4) Where and what I spent today..

I will never eat spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's, again..

It was Thursday (3.24.11) night when I came home and began suffering back pains and abdominal cramping. At first I didn't think of it too much since I assumed it was only aunt flow's soon to be arrival..

Friday (3.25.11) during 1:00-5:00am at night I was rolling around in bed unable to fall asleep not only due to my back and abdominal pains now but muscle and headaches. I still thought it was only because aunt flow was close but she didn't show.

Through out the day, I woke up without an appetite (there's something majorly wrong when a fatty doesn't want to eat) and a headache. I was suppose to go grocery shopping but I just couldn't get myself out of bed. My sister came home after school and we both knocked out into a deep sleep until the evening. We were both suppose to attend our good friend Kim Nguyen's birthday dinner (Happy Birthday Kim!) but I just couldn't move my body.. we spent the evening eating at Saigon Flavor and watching 'The Pianist' in my room. Surprisingly I slept like a baby through out the night and didn't have to wake up for any restroom breaks.

Saturday (3.26.11) which was last night, I literally woke up about 10-15 times for the restroom and let's just say that my butt is not very happy..

I think I'm going to visit the doc tomorrow.. it hurts so much :'(


Video Inspiration


Videos like this, inspire my filmographic mind.

I don't want to make average YouTube videos that only showcase me talking (without music), showing off the things I buy aka shopping hauls, reviews and etc. I really want to focus on showing my viewers the entire outfit(s) that I wear, the details of the garments on my body and hopefully to inspire them to find their own sense of style.

The Pianist

I'm privileged to have such an amazing relationship with my little sister. One of the things that I love most about our relationship is that she always tells me what she learns at school. One day, she mentioned that she'd been watching this movie in clas based on a true story of a Holocaust survivor. One of my favorite subjects in school was history and I clearly remember learning about the Holocaust. I also work a couple of streets down from The Museum of Tolerance, one of my favorite museums. I immediately ordered this DVD of eBay and since my food poisoning/stomach flu disabled me from leaving the house on a Friday night, we did a movie night in my room.

The Pianist (2002) Trailer

The Pianist Theme Song

You have to watch this film. Trust me, it will change the way you see things. The world, people, and yourself.

Tuck Your Shirt Down Your Pants

what is the new black

I first saw this perfectly & oddly done in an editorial in Vogue China and now Blake Lively. I shall do this some time soon..