Anniversary Hotel Room.

With Carrie away in Miami, she had asked me to take full responsibility for decorating her brother's hotel room for his anniversary surprise for his wife.
I was more than privileged to do this on my own. It felt like it was my first on my own project. However, I must give most of the credits to my wonderful little sister who came along the entire day with me. Thanks sis!

Our day pretty much looked like this broken down:
-Left home around 12 in the afternoon
-Headed to the Mariott Hotel in Downtown LA to meet with the flower guy
-Got the flowers and arrangements, candles, etc...
-Stopped by Mulberry's Pizzeria, I had been craving since Niki introduced me to it!
-Went to pick up the 2 red velvet cheesecakes from Magnolia's Bakery
-Headed to the Fairmount Hotel in Santa Monica to set everything up
-Finished and rushed home to make it to Uncle Fred's 80th Birthday Dinner

In less than 9 hours we'll be going to Casino Morongo and the Cabazon Outlets for our Labor Day since mom and dad really wants to go have some fun. I'm going to be good and just take this trip as an opportunity to spend time with Meeks.