I had the most random and unexpected work week ever! Well, so far.

I didn't work all week last week so I was really excited to get back into my busy mode of working and chaos. What I wished for is exactly what I got and more.

There's been a lot of Jewish holidays so of course, since my boss is Jewish I had many of the days off but due to a lot of time off we had a lot to catch up on. There's so much that we have to do with the new clothing line coming out, photo shoots, interviews, magazine editorials and articles, television promos, launch parties, blah blah blah.. just a lot going on.

I'm young and I'm not exactly in a place where I have an exact title so I work with so many different people who allow me to pick at their brain and well Carrie Zack of Carrie Zack Events is one of them and it's been more than a pleasure working with her.

Went to work with Niki on Monday and got a lot of catching up done, worked on some things for our television cameos coming up soon to promote the clothing line and went home to a lovely meal with my mother and father who have Monday off.

Was going to go into work on Tuesday but got the day off due to trip to the production offices so I agreed to work with Carrie however the baby sister somehow got food poisoning and got the stomach flu so I stayed home and did some grocery shopping, etc.

Wednesday, woke up at 6:00am and took Jennie to school. Didn't have time to take our morning walk with Meeko and rushed over to Carrie's as soon as I could. Almost got into several accidents falling asleep in traffic for 2 hours but finally arrived at 9:00am. Carrie left for her meeting, I went to some city I forgot where to pick up a check, went back to Carrie's. Met up with Carrie and got some computer work done and it was time to leave the house to run errands for 2 weddings that we have on Saturday. Had to take Carrie's girl Dolli with us along on our trips because she doesn't do well being home alone. Snuck Dolli into Cost Plus with us and got everything we needed there.. dropped Carrie off at Cristophe's for her hair appointment and met up with the BFF to let her know what we needed help with. P.S. The BFF was on her way to a relaxing day in Pasadena but due to my phone call, little did she know I needed her for the next 2 days or should I just say the rest of the week? The BFF came and off she went to Cost Plus on 3rd Street for some more of the cheese that we needed and I was off to Trader Joe's to get chocolate bars and clementines for one of the bride's gift bags for her guests. After all that was done, I picked up Carrie from Cristophe's and back to her place it was. The BFF helped Carrie's neighbor organize her closet while we had to leave for Nigel's mother's place and so I dropped Carrie off at Nigel's mother's and I had to go to Ralph's and get cleaning supplies to clean off the car because Nigel is allergic to dogs and he'd die if he sniffed even 1% of Dolli. Cleaned the car all up, Carrie came out and off to LAX we went. Got Nigel, got dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and went back to Carrie's, got Mei Lin and we finally got home around 1? 2? in the morning. I have the best bestfriend in the world. <3

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Laura. said...

Wow, totally know what you mean! How life changes when you work to live on other people's schedules:D Couldn't find the comment button on the 2 posts before this, but I am too waiting for that big break. All I want is another internship to get more experience, but that isn't even happening. What life after FIDM teaches you... Patience! Good luck girl <3