waiting for my luck.

Comes from hard work or luck. In my case, both.

I was on eBay doing my usual search on random stuff I don't need and came across "eBay FASHION VOICE". eBay's been getting their foot into the fashion world with their "eBay Vault" where they offer some sales on designer items and now this "Fashion Voice" where they give advice based on celebrity stylist's and trend experts. I scrolled up and down and the name Britt Bardo caught my eye "celebrity stylist. Off I went to Googling her and stumbled across this page.

Her big break was when she was a stylist assistant and jLo asked her to be her personal stylist.

While browsing around her results on Google I find out that she's a part of The Magnet Agency and so is Annabel Tollman who's also featured on Fashion Voice.

So I wonder, when will my big break be? Because hard work hasn't been helping!

JK. Hard work pays off.. it's just sometimes luck helps a long way!

Something else added to my list of to do's: Be a part of The Magnet Agency.