Rebecca Minkoff for Momoberry bka Hello Kitty.

I came across this article on The Purse Blog while cleaning out my email and decided I'd share with you! My favorite handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff did a collaboration with Momoberry back in 2007, way before she hit the jackpot. I don't think I missed out on much but if I were to choose one of these bags aside from the must have little pouch, I'd pick the black one. Which seems to be like a stonewash leather???

Isn't this pouch cute?! It's a must have for Hello Kitty & Rebecca Minkoff lovers!

Photo via The Purse Blog


Charlie said...

Anna, are these HK pouches still available? I am a bit late to the game, lol. Great blog BTW!

Kashfiya said...

Amazing post, I really love your posted purse. I have just collected my new Momoberry Pouch at PIJ, its also really mindblowing. Thanks for your nice share.