4am, goodnight.

Here I am blogging at 4am at night? morning. What's wrong with me?! I need to get back into the habit of sleeping at or before 11pm, waking up at 6am, taking the baby sister to school, and going to the park for a morning run. Seriously, for the sake of my health & body image. Mother told me to buy a belly belt last night :(

I have an affair with the sky.

I haven't gotten a single driving ticket yet (woo hoo), however I've managed to be completely foolish with parking tickets. In the last 5 months I've had 5 I believe. Are there any positive opinions about the police? Really? Anyways, I think if I were to get a driving ticket, I'd be for the fact that I was distracted by the sky and that I am always taking photos of it and any other beautiful thing that catches my eye at the moment of speed.

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