I'm Never Eating Chicken Nuggets Again

1) Asian medicine that mom & dad advised me to take..
2) Playing with the 'Hipstamic' app in bed. Me, in pain & the only beauty product that I am willing to spend $$$ on, "All About The Eyes" by Clinic for under eye dark circles and etc..
3) The super comfy, cuddly and snuggly cardigan that I got from F21 for $8.99
4) Where and what I spent today..

I will never eat spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's, again..

It was Thursday (3.24.11) night when I came home and began suffering back pains and abdominal cramping. At first I didn't think of it too much since I assumed it was only aunt flow's soon to be arrival..

Friday (3.25.11) during 1:00-5:00am at night I was rolling around in bed unable to fall asleep not only due to my back and abdominal pains now but muscle and headaches. I still thought it was only because aunt flow was close but she didn't show.

Through out the day, I woke up without an appetite (there's something majorly wrong when a fatty doesn't want to eat) and a headache. I was suppose to go grocery shopping but I just couldn't get myself out of bed. My sister came home after school and we both knocked out into a deep sleep until the evening. We were both suppose to attend our good friend Kim Nguyen's birthday dinner (Happy Birthday Kim!) but I just couldn't move my body.. we spent the evening eating at Saigon Flavor and watching 'The Pianist' in my room. Surprisingly I slept like a baby through out the night and didn't have to wake up for any restroom breaks.

Saturday (3.26.11) which was last night, I literally woke up about 10-15 times for the restroom and let's just say that my butt is not very happy..

I think I'm going to visit the doc tomorrow.. it hurts so much :'(