My First Real Meal In a Week

Vintage cardigan // Olive & Olivia tank top // Cali leggings // Chinese Laundry Boots // RUEHL handbag // F21 & H&M jewelry

It's April 1st - 2:20am and I am so excited because I filmed another outfit of the day video inside a dressing room again, ahah! Here are a few sneak peek photos for anyone who happens to care about this blog :)

Stay tuned for more photos and the video! Goodnight! xo

It's April 3, 2010 and I finally just finished retouching and editing the photos.

Basically, my evening went a little something like this.. my sister had a fundraiser for her club Amor Amici at The Pasadena Ice Skating Rink and I had to drop her off. I had just recovered from food poisoning so I didn't feel like being on ice or around people. However, I did feel like being around clothes so after dropping her and her friends off I drove myself over to Old Town Pasadena to the H&M and killed time there. We had In N Out burger for dinner. I've been eating nothing but bread and poorige so that first taste of my bread-less burger was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!