Pikachu Dairy, Entry 1.

I just can't ever seem time to blog. Sames goes for my handwritten dairy which I have been neglecting since the beginning of this year. I buy and write in a journal/dairy every year just so I can read it when I get old and it's really amazing to just read and think about the past and what you've been through. Anyways, this post is about Pikachu and this is seriously so cheesy of me to be doing but whatever, lol.

All these photos were taken with my iPhone since my digital camera is currently broken still but if you can squint your eyes and see very closely, Pikachu is actually sleeping..

The way you feed, reward, and "buy' Pikachu's love (basically which is the point of the game) is to give him "watts" which are earned by the more you shake the device or if you play this game. You get 500 watts if you hit triple 7's.

I gifted him 500 and he grew bigger. Along with growing, the status of the way he feels about me is past "O.K." and it's now "likes".

Honestly, it's not that fun anymore and I got bored of it after the first day. I recall it being much more entertaining when I was younger but of course, everything is when you're a kid.