all girls should have an affair with a french guy.

says Kelly Cruton of People's Revolution.

I absolutely despise reality shows but sadly they are taking over my television so sometimes I fall into watching The Hills, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Tool Academy, or one of my guilty pleasures, The City.

I like The City though. Love it actually because it's revolved around the casts' work life rather than catty girl fights or love drama.

And I absolutely adore Whitney Port's style and how she's not afraid of her individuality because so many people seem to dislike what she wears, I find her wardrobe absolutely astonishing. You just never know what she's going to wear next.

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Paulina said...

French accents really aren't my thing ;)

Whitney's outfits are definitely hit & miss. Sometimes she looks amazing. Sometimes she looks horrendous. Her bags always look great though. That Heavy Metal Stone Flame might be lustworthy.

I'm not super new to tPF. I was lurking around over the summer 09, and I didn't actively start posting until I found the RM MAMM, which is what kind of drew me to RM. And then my boyfriend got me my first one, and now I'm kind of, sort of, really addicted to tPF which is bad. Because I should be studying for a midterm right now.