Two Sides To A Story

H&M Autumn 2011

The Los Angeles Port at San Pedro

I couldn't help myself but to post up a few preview shots from today.

More tomorrow morning before I head out the door, promise!

(Forever21 shirt, H&M shorts and flats, Rebecca Minkoff clutch)

Update: 8:59pm

We were suppose to see some real life Navy ships but we got there too late. People began lining up and camping out since 3/4am so I guess even though we left at 8am, it was too late. We just ended up walking around the water fountains and such.. I got a delicious dirty churro so that pretty much made my day.


The Last Day

(Olive & Olivia top, Forever21 lace bra, Urban Outfitters shorts, H&M belt & flats, ZARA handbag)

These were taken July 18th, before my hair cut. I love myself that this outfit post was going to be the last of my extremely long hair and it was.

I can't tell you how great it feels to wash my hair now a days.. it could still use some layering since I have such thick hair but it is such a relief to get 10 inches off my shoulders, literally.

I hope you all have been having a great weekend so far. I have another outfit post (& video) coming tomorrow! If you're following me on Twitter, you may have already seen a preview :)

Vanessa Hudgens

(Vanessa Hudgens.org)


Silky Florals In The Morning

(H&M silk robe)

First, I saw the florals on this silky kimono robe in the intimates/lingerie section. Then, I brushed my fingers against it and held it. Next, I picked it up and thought to myself "Anna, you already have several of these". So I put it back into the rack and walked away. Later, I walk back and purchase it.

I Love It.


Crochet and Lace

(Thrifted crochet top, H&M skirt and belt, Zara wedges & handbag)

Happy 80th Birthday to my beautiful grandma (her actual birthday is this Wednesday but everyone is available on Sunday so we all got together this morning for dim sum!)

P.s. I got this skirt for $7 during H&M's huge end of the season sale a few months ago(?) I had put it away and found it last night!


Stripes & Open Back

I've been seeing these open back tops every now and then lately and I really love them. They're perfect for sunny California and gives you that breeze on your back ;)


Beginner's Blonde

After a long two and a half years (I think) I finally went to get a hair cut. This time, to make it special since I am donating 10 inches of it + I wanted a new look to mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life, I did something new and different, I dyed it! I've only dyed my hair once and that was way back. Anyways, I am slowly transitioning into some blonde streaks so this is project #1 :)


Open In The Back

Went to the mall for an errand and ended up shopping, as usual. Finally got a pair of white jeans since the only pair I own are no longer friendly to the hips. And I've been eyeing these tops with the open back for the longest time & I finally found one that flatters me! I can't wait to wear it on Friday..

P.s. These wedges are divine except for the fact that they left me with cuts on the back of my heel :(


instagram Photo Diary

1) I've been on a high for shoes lately..
2) A bug bite I got at my aunt's house during a bike ride with the kids.
3) The Boiling Crab at Koreatown
4) Our first time.. some customer graffiti art on the walls.
5) A OOTD mirror shot
6) Took Kimberly who visited from Texas to MVP crane machines.
7) Butterfly Blossom from BBW and an IKEA candle
8) Sis dyed her hair to an orange brown.
9) Deadly but delicious instant noodles at an Asian supermarket.
10) Delicious and healthy fruits :)
11) Manhattan Beach for my first time last month.
12) My cousin/sister #2 visiting last month..
13) Waffles at Morston's in Pasadena, California
14) In N Out burger in Alhambra, California
15) A gradient of pink tank tops on sale at Victoria's Secret
16) The sunset at Montebello, California
17) Some new stamps I got for mom.
18) The escalators at the plaza where my gym is.
19) A piece of art at The Alhambra Library
20) Doing something I should be doing much more often.. reading.