Open In The Back

Went to the mall for an errand and ended up shopping, as usual. Finally got a pair of white jeans since the only pair I own are no longer friendly to the hips. And I've been eyeing these tops with the open back for the longest time & I finally found one that flatters me! I can't wait to wear it on Friday..

P.s. These wedges are divine except for the fact that they left me with cuts on the back of my heel :(


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

I love the red top and the ripped white jeans!!
The F21 necklace is cute! I saw the ring version I think in both colours! They are gorgeous and good price too lol

Lisa said...

Love your new Zara wedges :)

quynh said...

Can you tell me where the orange reddish top is from? So cute!