instagram Photo Diary

1) I've been on a high for shoes lately..
2) A bug bite I got at my aunt's house during a bike ride with the kids.
3) The Boiling Crab at Koreatown
4) Our first time.. some customer graffiti art on the walls.
5) A OOTD mirror shot
6) Took Kimberly who visited from Texas to MVP crane machines.
7) Butterfly Blossom from BBW and an IKEA candle
8) Sis dyed her hair to an orange brown.
9) Deadly but delicious instant noodles at an Asian supermarket.
10) Delicious and healthy fruits :)
11) Manhattan Beach for my first time last month.
12) My cousin/sister #2 visiting last month..
13) Waffles at Morston's in Pasadena, California
14) In N Out burger in Alhambra, California
15) A gradient of pink tank tops on sale at Victoria's Secret
16) The sunset at Montebello, California
17) Some new stamps I got for mom.
18) The escalators at the plaza where my gym is.
19) A piece of art at The Alhambra Library
20) Doing something I should be doing much more often.. reading.

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Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

What happened to your left arm? bug bite?