Guppy House

I can't remember the last time I hung out with any of my friends aside from work. I've been working late hours the past few weeks so when I get a day off, I'm content with just being at home with my sister & Meeko, watching a movie and food.

Anyways, after a long while of being home though it's good to go out for some fresh air and wasting $ on unhealthy foods right?

Two of my good girlfriends Rosine & Lillian and I got together at went to Guppy House in Hacienda Heights. Extremely terrible service and C+ food but whatever, it's just a spot that's good to hang out and catch up.

Ate more than I should've tonight.. picked off of Lillian's Kimchi Fried Rice, Rosine's Beef Noodle Stew, my own Taro + Mango Shaved Ice, and a shared Coconut Brick Toast. You bet I didn't go to sleep before making a #2, haha.

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