Quality Grocery Shopping Time

Vintage bicycle print blouse, H&M crochet shorts, ALDO booties, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Most days go like this,

Wake up @ 6:30am, take the baby sister to school.
If I am not feeling lazy, take a walk with Meeko around the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, most days are lazy days so I come home and go back to sleep.
By the time I wake up for work, my parents are out of the house, gone to work.
Most of the time, I work late, especially when the day of the events take place.
I get home, my parents are asleep, if I am lucky, my sister is still up.

So on my parent's day off, I always tag along on the trips to the grocery store. Any time is quality time with my parents and it's priceless.

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Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

Chich outfit even at a grogery store (99? lol)