Best Friend Friday

On my days off.. for some odd reason I wake up several times during the morning-afternoon transition and just roll around.. until I decide to get up, Meeko barks nonstop to tell me he needs to go potty, or today's case, the best friend wants to go out. She tells me she has a surprise for me and I instantly get up to get changed. The day was pretty gloomy today so I settled for some denim and my boots from Target that I have been so obsessed with.

She's been dying to take me to this sushi joint called "Ichiban" in Glendale, CA since she's been with her dance team. We missed the lunch specials but still got some delicious rolls. My favorite, the Philadelphia Roll and her favorites, the salmon and tuna sushi and rolls. We were on a sushi high and ordered way too much so we were stuffed till the evening.

A teacher/advisor who I keep in close touch with from high school got me this shirt from Whole Foods. He had given it to my sister to hand it to me and I was surprised when I received it because the cut of it was actually pretty flattering. Well, compared to those XL t-shirts he normally gets me I was actually excited to wear this one! (Mr. Mason, if you happen to stumble across my blog please note that I love EVERYTHING you get me! I just happen to love this one a lot! Haha!) Anyways, the shirt is made from 100% organic cotton (duh, Whole Foods) and it's proceeds goes to a charity called.. (I need to check those photos I took of the tags because I forgot at the moment!)

T-shirt from Whole Foods, BDG Denim Skinny Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Belt and Studded Clutch from GAP, Boots from Target

We spent the rest of our evening after our big lunch around Glendale and West Covina. She again surprised me with a trip to the Target store in Glendale since she knew that I'd been stalking almost every Target for Missoni x Target but no luck at this location. We later transitioned to West Covina Westfield Mall to search for a similar sweater that she's wearing in the last photo at a store that guaranteed better quality. Again, a fail but nonetheless I had an amazing day running around/spending time with my best friend since it's been forever since we've had an actual "full day" together..

I Love You Mei Lin! Thank you for lunch and most importantly, your friendship <3

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