Target x Missoni

Target x Missoni came out at exactly 8:00am today at most(?) local Target stores. I was told at my local Target that there were people lining up outside starting at 6:00am. I was late, of course, stepping into the store at exactly 2:00pm. I was lucky enough to walk out with a dress that I found unexpectedly while they were gathering up all the left overs of the madness. There was a few rain boots left in sizes 8, 9, and 10, a few flats also in those sizes, and many in the pair of heels (pictured above).

I couldn't believe what a huge hit this collaboration was. Target's website was down for majority of the day and the only way you were able to access it was through it's mobile site. eBay listed about 20,000+ Target x Missoni items listed for double and some TRIPLED the price.

The designer herself even tweeted that if you're going to purchase the items for the prices listed on eBay, you might as well go get the real thing.

Stores are said to be restocking but be sure to go at 8:00am (that's the opening store time for most Targets) or even earlier..


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

That dress looks really cute on you! Did you get it?

t said...

Awesome you found something!


Stacey said...

The dress is so cute! You were so lucky to find some pieces? How were those shoes in person? I quite like them from your pictures!