Loosing It's Spark

Brandy Melville dress, ZARA handbag, Urban Outfitters sandals, Ray Ban aviators

I can't remember the last Independence Day where I had "fun". I remember being younger, we'd always take these trips to Las Vegas in one of those HUGE, long vans and we'd fit several families in there. We stopped doing that now that most of my cousins are married with kids and the economy has gotten so bad we're all saving for our lives. Anyways, I managed to kidnap my aunt out of the house today since my uncle had the day off. He stayed home with the two younger ones that are always attached to her. She's constantly asking me to shop for her but I want her to get out of the house and shop for herself for once. We stopped by the Westfield Mall and KOHLS since I had received my first KOHLS cash from there. I bought her a pair of shoes and well, my aunt got me a pair of boots from H&M that I thought was already past season so I guess you could say I had a very happy July 4th :)

Ended the night with fireworks at my aunt's house with the kids. I think I'm getting too old for this stuff though because I didn't play this year, instead, I lit the "scarier" fireworks and captured the moments on film.

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