Family Sunday

Brandy Melville top, Forever21 shorts, Lauren Conrad for KOHLS shoes, ZARA handbag

Took a photo of every place I went to today. My parents normally do not have Sundays off so today was a special Sunday :) We started off the day by grabbing brunch at dad's favorite PHO (for those who do not know what it is, it's vietnamese noodles in soup! delicious!) restaurant in Rosemead, CA called 'Pho Pasteur'. After that we went straight to IKEA to look for a new bed for sis. I should've known that we'd be walking a lot today but I just had to take my brand new and first pair of Lauren Conrad for KOHLS platform sandals I had gotten yesterday night. I had them on my wish list but didn't feel comfortable paying for them retail so when I saw them on sale I had to pull the trigger! Oh, and the handbag is new too, got it as a graduation gift for myself about a month ago and never got the chance to take it out till today. Anyways, sis found a bed frame at IKEA but she needed the mattresses and dad did not like any of the selections at IKEA so of course, we went to an Asian furniture store and ordered a lovely SERTA mattress for sis. We ended our evening with a lovely dinner at sis and my favorite thai restaurant 'Thai Paradise' and is now home alone while dad, mom and aunt is away trying to win some chaaaa-chingggggg. Happy early Independence day to all my readers and new subscribers :)


bagluvah said...

I love that ZARA bag! Is it heavy?

annaversary said...

@bagluvah, the ZARA bag is extremely heavy :( But beautiful..