More photos from last Sunday..

* I'm stealing that frame and pinning two pieces of garments idea to my bedroom.
* Brandy Melville is hands down one of my favorite brands. Their stuff is so soft, simple and sexy!
* Their Santa Monica store expanded it's space and is now even bigger!
* I can never have enough white shirts..
* Loved the print of this floral skirt but wasn't feeling it being made out of jersey fabric..
* I've been dying to pull the plug on purchasing this tower of chairs jewelry holder for such a long time.. still haven't..
* A handbag from BM that I wanted to gift my sister but she wouldn't accept.
* I loved the color and cut of this coral top but felt very guilty already having spent 2 bills..

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Stacey said...

I went to Brandy Melville for the first time when I was in Rome and loved so much stuff, I wish i'd had more money to spend there! Your store looks huge compared to the one I went to!