I had my turn and time

Brandy Meville shirt, Forever21 jeans, GAP belt, ZARA shoes, Rebecca Minkoff handbag, gifted TopShop ring, Forever21 cuff & bangles, Hobo International wallet

Made a trip back to the future today, went back to my high school where I was in a blue gown exactly 3 years ago. My sister had asked me earlier this week to go to graduation with her so that I could play photographer for her and her friends. Congratulations to SGHS c/o 2011.

Ended the night with a lovely dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. My poor baby sister has been sick all week and it all started because she was pulling all nighters for finals. She was very pleased and I quote, "satisfied" with our meal tonight after living off Asian frozen dumplings all week for dinner.

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