Getting Saturdays Back

Forever21 shirt and jeans, Unknown scarf from a boutique in Beverly Hills, Charlotte Russe boots, Rebecca Minkoff handbag

First off, let me explain what the title of this blog post is about. 5 weeks ago, on a Friday night, I was freaking out like an addict that ran out of drugs. I was about to begin my 5 week 6 hour Assortment Planning and Purchasing class aka "math" at school. Math has always been my least favorite and weakest subject so I had no idea what I signed myself up for. Well guess what, TODAY WAS THE FINAL DAY AND IT'S OVER AND I AM GETTING AN 82% which is a B and that isn't even counting the final project which I confidently believe I did very well in so whatever grade I end up getting, I PASSED! So now that that class is over, I can finally have my Saturdays back because having to go to school on a weekend day is just so weird and it felt as if the weekend didn't even exist.

Anyways, was starving by the time I got out of class and a 6 page final exam so sis and I went to a late thai lunch :)

Brandy Mellville top, Forever21 scarf, American Apparel leggings, K-Mart flats

Changed into some comfy clothes to walk Meeko at the park after we finished our big lunch.