Golden Rule LA S/S 2011

Finally! I know, the photos from the photo shoot at work are finally posted! I apologize for taking so long. I am actually publishing this in the FIDM Annex aka computer lab right now. I am officially done with my Assortment Planning & Purchasing math class. For the past 5 weeks, every Saturday I had to wake up at 7am and sit through 6 hours of numbers and nimbus.. ah! So relieved to be done = )

Anyways, back on track with this post.. lol, this was about 2? weeks ago and it was a wonderful day in Venice. Sunny and breezy which still left me with a sun burnt right shoulder which is currently peeling.

(BRB, going to continue this post when I get home. I hate the keyboards here!)

I'm back. You'd think with all the money that FIDM makes they would at least have ALL Apple computers at the computer lab. So, I didn't even write anything related to the subject of this post yet! It was the perfect weather for our photo shoot. Sunny and warm, I didn't think that it would be burning hot, which it wasn't because it was sunny but windy, I still ended up getting sunburned. For almost 80% of the shots, we walked around Venice looking for the perfect candid background. My favorite shot was when we were literally standing in the middle of the street. Compared to our last photo shoot, I must say that today was much more relaxed but of course, a big part of that had to be that we were by the water.

You can check out GRLA here!