Tiring Thursday

1) The top of my side bed tables were boring me so I took a stack of VOGUE magazines and used them as a plate for my lamps :)
2) Procrastination at it's bed. Laying in bed doing my homework until 5am
3) A peek inside of FIDM's computer lab
4) also known as the Annex Building
5) Rings on my left hand
6) Rings on my right hand
7) A classmate of mine who wore this beautiful clean outfit. Sheer ivory top with a laced cami under. Loved that combo! Paired with white denim jeans and mushroom ankle boots.
8) A peek inside my Brand Portfolio class
9) Where I sit
10) Everyone doing work on their laptops
11) After class on my way to Costco
12) Weekdays at Costco are the best! No crazy crowds..
13) Silk Chocolate Milk is my favorite light breakfast in the mornings
14) After shopping at Costco
15) Sis sitting in the back of my car when we went to drop off my aunt's items from Costco

- - -

It's 11:33pm, my eyes feel like they have been stung by a swarm of bees.

Class this morning was so dreadful. We're beginning to build our portfolio so we indivdually get called up to meet with our professor 1 on 1 so while one person is up there, the rest of the class is on study hall. I pretty much napped the entire time since my last name is at the end of the alphabet. Met up with Danielle for lunch and grabbed a Spinich Turkey wrap at Cafe FIDM.

I would of loved to come straight home & into bed but because (as usual) I had a ton of errands to run and phone calls to make that was impossible. After getting my car I went to Costco to fill up my gas tank (which was $49.00, $4.19/gallon) RIDICULOUS!!! After wards, I did a small grocery shopping trip to Ralphs and ran into a cute Asian guy who worked there named Jeff. (So cute!)

Came home for a bit and picked up my sister and Meeko, went to my aunt's to drop off all the stuff that she had me get for her at Costco. By the time we got home it was already 5pm so I knocked out for about 1 1/2 hours on the coach and it was time for dinner. Watched "America's Best Dance Crew" featuring music by "The Black Eyed Peas" and did some of my sister's laundry.

I'm looking forward to tonight's sleep. I am leaving my laptop downstairs.