Four Hours On The Road

So this week will officially be Week #3 at my new job. I am enjoying my time at this new company as the pay as really, really good but I'm still seeking another because it isn't where I want to be. Though it's still revolved around the industry I want to be in (not necessarily fashion, more of entertainment) I am not 100%.. happy.

One of the reasons stopping me from happiness would have to do with the four hours I spend in Los Angeles traffic in the morning and in the evening. For the past 2 weeks I have been waking up at 6:00am, dropping my sister off at school and on the freeway I go.. I get to work at exactly 8:45am to get to my office at 9:00am. I get off at 6:00pm and I get home around 8:00pm..

I've been thinking about possibly seeking a job outside of LA because driving in four hours every day seriously drains the hell out of me.

On another note, the moon was extremely beautiful this week.. super big and shiny and worked as a mood brightener for me while driving home..

Update about a minute later..
I didn't realize I had already semi-ranted about my new job :) Sorry Stace and Kiwi, thanks for reading though!! xo


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

Garrr!!! Commuting is one of the greatest challenge!! I wish you all the best to eventually figure a solution our of it. :))

JanJan said...

hey Anna! its me Tikki Tikki on Fb =D you should try New York! Many people i know from Cali and other states loves NYC. Everything is super convenient and my friend who was born and raised in Cali loves its here. Come visit sometime! =)