Cover Up Dress

H&M beach cover up dress, ZARA wedges

This outfit isn't current. I wore it to one of my cousin's birthday last month and never got around the posting them. I had gotten this dress from H&M wayyyyy back in the summer but never got the chance to wear it (or forgot about it) because I found it hidden in the back of my closet with it's tags still on it. Decided to finally take it out for a spin worn with an American Apparel tube dress under.

Can you believe these photos were taken by a 9 y/o btw :)

Thx Erica!


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

Amazing! He/she is a photographer in the making! Very cute dress!! Those Zaragoza shoes make your calves look amazing!!

jane said...

OMG I'm in love with your dress, SO PRETTY!