Lindsay Lohan. Complex Magazine.

When I saw this editorial I immediately recognized the Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Super Suspender Tights LL was wearing. Illusion is a cool thing isn't it?

You can buy it here for a little over $20 +s&h!

Dirty Talk.

I loved this song when I first heard it and was not expecting the video to be like this. I LOVE IT!

I've always wanted to run around in an enchanted forest in a dress.


Court, Heat, and Traffic Troubles.

Big hat.

I've had this hat out for some time now. It's time to play.

Noctural Insomniac.

It's half past 2 and I'm up organizing my photos.

I think it'd be a good idea if I didn't bring my laptop into the bedroom every night.

The bad boy and the gentleman.

There's something sexy about both, in their own separate ways.

The bad boy makes it intriguing and adventurous and you hate the sh*t he makes you deal with but you love it because it makes it exciting. The v-neck t-shirt, camo jacket, and khaki slacks is the perfect ensemble for this guy!

Every woman wants a gentleman. Clean and sharp, the kind of man that will probably brush your hair at night, serve you breakfast in the morning, and will take you dancing. Although we cannot justify calling a guy a 'gentleman' just because he's wearing a gorgeous cream blazer, it's a start though. Lovin' the white pants with it as well.


Zac Efron is delicious.

His face of course but I've got to give it to him, the boy's got style too and what's sexier than guy who knows how to dress himself. Mmm!

Emilio Pucci bikini by Heidi Montag.

I forgot how I ended up on Heidi Montag's blog but I did and I am guilty of actually browsing around and I strumbled across this picture that she posted of a bikini that she designed using one of Emilio Pucci's wrap/print.

I like it.. I like it a lot actually. And I've also come to realize that I look good only in the simple triangular top and nothing else. At least for now, damn I really need to get back into shape. I've been saying this for the past year now. This will lead into how I miss dancing so I will just stop here.

The Daily Love.

With the "depression" due to the economy right now many of us need that extra lift of positivity. There are many good people in the world and some of us are doing as little as donating some money to a good cause, helping out at a soup kitchen, charity work, etc...

Mastin Kipp, founder and writer of The Daily Love, is an individual who's making a huge difference in the lives of many people who now read The Daily Love, including myself.

The Daily Love is a subscription to daily emails that are filled with inspiration and powerful quotes that lift the spirits of many. Thank you Mastin!

I was waiting to blog about TDL for quite sometime now and because I came across this article on The Huffington Post, I finally did tonight.

You can also follow @MastinKipp and @TheDailyLove on Twitter.

Don't forget to subscribe to The Daily Love to begin receiving your daily dose of love ;)


Kaskade - Move For Me

I could be either driving, showering, or dancing to this track, it's far from being taken off my favorites playlist.

Rachel Bilson, Big Sister.

Source: Just Jared

Rachel Bilson's on my list as one of my favorite style stars but besides having an amazing taste for fashion, the girl's a pretty amazing big sister. There's a good amount of photos of her picking up her little sister, Hattie from school, spending time with her & out and about together. Today she was seen at the Los Angeles Zoo with step-mom Heather Medway and her half-sisters Hattie and Rosemary. These photos are too cute not to share which is why I chose to write up a post on her.

Baby Sister and Summer School.

Means that I get to play taxi. Same routine as if it was the regular school year. I wake up to take her to school and I get a wake up call to pick her up. If I am feeling up to it, I take Meeko with me in the morning, drop Jennie off, and take a walk around the block for an hour.



One of my good girlfriends who I see daily left for about a week to spend time with her boyfriend for the July 4th weekend . I always check my phone (emails, text messages, etc...) before I sleep and so she's finally back and she sent me some pictures from her weekend. Although I'm not a fan of kissing pictures, I'm okay with her and her boyfriends and she's always telling me how deeply in love she is with him. You know how some couples just look like they're just so meant to be together. Perfect for each other? They are that couple. They're an adorable and loving couple that I absolutely love spending time around. Some couples make you feel like a third wheel and others just making out so much that it makes you sick to your stomach where it makes you wish you weren't there? Well these two people are far from being that 'kind' of a couple. I'm very happy for them both. Anyways, I guess it finally hit me tonight that I.. I.. why is it so hard for me to admit this! I.. I miss being in a relationship. I miss being with someone. There, I said it!

Source: Google Search "love", The World Race

It's been about 1 1/2 years since my last relationship. Let's do a quick recap of all the guys I've dated since then..

-Mr. Subway, was a completely bad seed to begin with but given my optimism and belief in good people and giving chances, took the chance, got left for plants in the end.
-Koi fish, I don't even want to talk about this one.
-TAO dude, I wouldn't even call this dating. Played a game back and forth, that was it.
-Highschool crush, had a problem with my hectic schedule and said I wasn't available enough for him.
-Mr. Subway returns and wrecks Tofu Bob the 2nd. Why do I always have to learn my lesson the second time?
-Mr. Boring, I never thought I'd fall asleep on a date...
-EDC dude, completely different places in our lives and boring.

Talk about failures.. kind of want to stop dating for a while due to all this back luck. Is it really that hard to ask for someone who enjoys the outdoors, loves to hike, loves the beach, loves food, loves to watch movies instead of clubbing every darn weekend, loves dancing, loves animals and children, has his head on his shoulders, has goals and ambitions like myself, on the road to a successful future that I can actually picture myself in, um, okay.. either I'm picky or asking for too much or it's just not the right time, I never thought I'd blog about this but I kind of wanted to vent..



Knight and Day.

Another habit I should of picked up on as to why I have been getting chubs is that when I wake up to take Jennie to school, I find myself drooling watching her eat milk & cereal or whatever she's eating. I usually stay good and just go straight back to my bed but then there are days where I'm bad and can't seem to fight the hungry monster. Today was one of the bad days.

Ended up microwaving last night's dinner. XO Eggplant and Mayo Walnut Shrimp.

Meeko's crafty car seat.

Picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's.

Another attempt at "making" dinner.

Tonight's dinner includes:
-Instant orange chicken
-Wannabe Greek Salad
-Sweet Potato Chips
-Kane Diet Cola

This is just sad.
One of the skills I lack is cooking and it's important to know how to cook :(
I really need to spend some more time to learn how to cook more because it's the one category I am failing at being the #1 Big Sister + I'm sure my future husband would appreciate if he married someone who would have a delicious meal waiting for him when he'd get home from work.

Lillian & Mei Lin.

5 out of 5 stars!

What originally was suppose to be a clubbing night turned into a movie night. Loved it!

I prefer techno, house, trance, rock, and even country over rap and r&b! So to pay $10 and sometimes $20 to be in a room full of sweaty girls I would never find myself associating with and guys who are just there because they want to get some dry humping action, no thanks! I much rather be munching on a bag of Hot Cheetos that'll give me some pimples and a movie any night!

Wasn't in a rush, until now.

I had no idea what being an "Elite" Yelp member meant until I read up on it after a few of my fellow Yelpers messaged me letting me know that they enjoyed my reviews (& photos) so much they nominated me! It's cool PERIOD to be nominated for anything so when I was told I was under consideration, I was stoked!

It's been about a month or so and everyday as I refresh my Yelp page to hopefully see "Elite '10" show up, it hasn't and today, I realized WHY!!!

I'm not in a rush to drink alcohol or go to Vegas.. but THIS! I want to turn 21! Now! This must be the reason why I haven't received Elite :(


After July 4th shopping.

It's been a while since I've been to Palm Springs, Casino Morongo, Cabazon Outlets, and the Desert Hills Outlets. I remember back in the day, before my parents bought the new house and money was tight, we use to go almost every holiday. Including trips to the Bay area and Las Vegas, but since then we've been cutting back on these trips. While most Americans were probably BBQ-ing and celebrating the Independence Holiday with their huge giant families, I did absolutely nothing but go out for dim sum, come home, fell asleep on my bed after I got dressed into comfortable clothing which I was suppose to clean/organize the garage with mom, woke up, did some cleaning and organizing, and clean after Meeko. What an interesting way to celebrate America's Birthday right? At least my sister Jennie actually agreed with me to go over to my aunt and uncle's for dinner because my uncle made these bomb hot wings and chicken drum sticks and wings! They also have some neighbors with kids so I just watched while they played with fireworks. I think I've lost my playfulness and interest with fireworks..

Times like this makes me miss my childhood and life back at the apartment. Where I lived in a complex full of children and kids and friends.. celebrating birthdays and holidays together. I've learned that as I get older I've been more independent, yes, but it's also quite lonely. It's hard to gather all my friends together because one of us is always working, some of us are in relationships, and it's just not the same as being a kid and having nothing to do but to go outside and play.

Here are some photos that I took through out the day:

Dim Sum for brunch, as usual :)

Jennie wanted to buy some snacks for the 1 hour drive to Morongo and while looking we came across this bizarre baby crab snack..

Mmm.. Asian candies!

How funny and cute are these cigarette plates?

It was a nightmare trying to look for parking.

Grandma shopping for uncle. How cute is it that she still shops for her son? Aw.

Starbucks failed to quench my thirst. They ran out of all lemonades and teas so I was forced to get an iced coffee. Which I gave to Jennie. (I don't like coffee.)

Thanks Auntie Anne's for your artificial lemonade!

Before leaving the house this morning it was a bit cloudy so mother went crazy at my denim shorts and tunic but when we got to Palm Springs it was a whooping 99+ degrees. I was suppose to be on a shopping ban but this was literally an EMERGENCY! I felt much better changing into this strapless floral dress from leggings! Thanks mom..

So I wasn't exactly a good girl today but I just couldn't resist the urge to purchase at least one (I bought the white ones!) pair of Converse Chucks for $29.99!! For the kid sizes at least :) I'm lucky to have small feet (I'm a size 6-7.5) sometimes because I can purchase shoes for a lower price but it's also a disadvantage when trying to find rare shoes!

Oh and you can also read my review on YELP on this Converse store ;)

That's all the photos from my 2010 Independence Day! Not too exciting like most Americans but being with family is what counts most!