After July 4th shopping.

It's been a while since I've been to Palm Springs, Casino Morongo, Cabazon Outlets, and the Desert Hills Outlets. I remember back in the day, before my parents bought the new house and money was tight, we use to go almost every holiday. Including trips to the Bay area and Las Vegas, but since then we've been cutting back on these trips. While most Americans were probably BBQ-ing and celebrating the Independence Holiday with their huge giant families, I did absolutely nothing but go out for dim sum, come home, fell asleep on my bed after I got dressed into comfortable clothing which I was suppose to clean/organize the garage with mom, woke up, did some cleaning and organizing, and clean after Meeko. What an interesting way to celebrate America's Birthday right? At least my sister Jennie actually agreed with me to go over to my aunt and uncle's for dinner because my uncle made these bomb hot wings and chicken drum sticks and wings! They also have some neighbors with kids so I just watched while they played with fireworks. I think I've lost my playfulness and interest with fireworks..

Times like this makes me miss my childhood and life back at the apartment. Where I lived in a complex full of children and kids and friends.. celebrating birthdays and holidays together. I've learned that as I get older I've been more independent, yes, but it's also quite lonely. It's hard to gather all my friends together because one of us is always working, some of us are in relationships, and it's just not the same as being a kid and having nothing to do but to go outside and play.

Here are some photos that I took through out the day:

Dim Sum for brunch, as usual :)

Jennie wanted to buy some snacks for the 1 hour drive to Morongo and while looking we came across this bizarre baby crab snack..

Mmm.. Asian candies!

How funny and cute are these cigarette plates?

It was a nightmare trying to look for parking.

Grandma shopping for uncle. How cute is it that she still shops for her son? Aw.

Starbucks failed to quench my thirst. They ran out of all lemonades and teas so I was forced to get an iced coffee. Which I gave to Jennie. (I don't like coffee.)

Thanks Auntie Anne's for your artificial lemonade!

Before leaving the house this morning it was a bit cloudy so mother went crazy at my denim shorts and tunic but when we got to Palm Springs it was a whooping 99+ degrees. I was suppose to be on a shopping ban but this was literally an EMERGENCY! I felt much better changing into this strapless floral dress from leggings! Thanks mom..

So I wasn't exactly a good girl today but I just couldn't resist the urge to purchase at least one (I bought the white ones!) pair of Converse Chucks for $29.99!! For the kid sizes at least :) I'm lucky to have small feet (I'm a size 6-7.5) sometimes because I can purchase shoes for a lower price but it's also a disadvantage when trying to find rare shoes!

Oh and you can also read my review on YELP on this Converse store ;)

That's all the photos from my 2010 Independence Day! Not too exciting like most Americans but being with family is what counts most!