One of my good girlfriends who I see daily left for about a week to spend time with her boyfriend for the July 4th weekend . I always check my phone (emails, text messages, etc...) before I sleep and so she's finally back and she sent me some pictures from her weekend. Although I'm not a fan of kissing pictures, I'm okay with her and her boyfriends and she's always telling me how deeply in love she is with him. You know how some couples just look like they're just so meant to be together. Perfect for each other? They are that couple. They're an adorable and loving couple that I absolutely love spending time around. Some couples make you feel like a third wheel and others just making out so much that it makes you sick to your stomach where it makes you wish you weren't there? Well these two people are far from being that 'kind' of a couple. I'm very happy for them both. Anyways, I guess it finally hit me tonight that I.. I.. why is it so hard for me to admit this! I.. I miss being in a relationship. I miss being with someone. There, I said it!

Source: Google Search "love", The World Race

It's been about 1 1/2 years since my last relationship. Let's do a quick recap of all the guys I've dated since then..

-Mr. Subway, was a completely bad seed to begin with but given my optimism and belief in good people and giving chances, took the chance, got left for plants in the end.
-Koi fish, I don't even want to talk about this one.
-TAO dude, I wouldn't even call this dating. Played a game back and forth, that was it.
-Highschool crush, had a problem with my hectic schedule and said I wasn't available enough for him.
-Mr. Subway returns and wrecks Tofu Bob the 2nd. Why do I always have to learn my lesson the second time?
-Mr. Boring, I never thought I'd fall asleep on a date...
-EDC dude, completely different places in our lives and boring.

Talk about failures.. kind of want to stop dating for a while due to all this back luck. Is it really that hard to ask for someone who enjoys the outdoors, loves to hike, loves the beach, loves food, loves to watch movies instead of clubbing every darn weekend, loves dancing, loves animals and children, has his head on his shoulders, has goals and ambitions like myself, on the road to a successful future that I can actually picture myself in, um, okay.. either I'm picky or asking for too much or it's just not the right time, I never thought I'd blog about this but I kind of wanted to vent..