All Black Monday.

When you can't find anything to wear, go all black.

I almost never wear black. I love color. The only time I started wearing black was when I began volunteering at events upon my schooling with FIDM. Almost every event requires volunteers and interns to be in all black attire. I slowly began to own pieces of black in my closet aside from the one and only black t-shirt that I had.

Now a days, the boss lady who loves wearing all black almost 98% of the time is beginning to rub off on me.. it looks great with gold, hides fat, and is effortless.

- - -

Went to the mall with mother today.

Went on a date in the evening..
1st time at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.
Donuts at Ralphs.
Lots of hugs & kisses.

- - -

The End.