Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1) I'm stubborn and I always want to be right.

2) I'm understanding after I cool off my stubbornness though, I am capable of saying sorry.

3) I'm never really serious about losing weight or being self conscious.. even though I would like to lose a few pounds and get into shape, I'm confident with how my body is 99.9% of the time.

4) I am very hardworking. I will get what I want if I am capable of getting it.

5) I fall for boys that I see a future with.. if I don't, I don't get hurt as much.

6) I have a shopping addiction. I am a shopaholic. A real one. ..

7) I prefer to learn things the hard way.. I don't learn from given advice, I learn from making the mistake myself.

8) I don't want to give into drinking, drugs, or smoking. I know people say that eventually I will because I am still young but I find it special that I don't do those things.

9) I don't want to give into make up either. All I wish for is healthy clear skin.

10) I am a bitch. Sometimes.