Hello BlogSpot.

I've caught onto the fact that everyone has a blogspot and it's a well known blog for fashion blogs so I just had to hop on board.

There's so much to do as for my layout, I've always been on Xanga, until they added so many functions, then it just got annoying. So I have decided to move HERE!


Sarah said...

hey! are you fidm alumni too? i loved fidm, it was a really great experience for me. at first i doubted the school a bit but, i gave it a chance, and it was totally worth it. i plan on continuing school to earn a bachelors degree. how abut you?

i type faster than writing. said...

I will be a FIDM Alumni after walking across the stage this summer :) I am thinking about the bachelor's program, however, I've learned that you don't particularly NEED a bachelors and because I am not a fan of school, if I make it out there successfully and alive with an AA, I am all set :) How is life for you now? Are you currently working or getting a BA? Would love to keep in touch!